When To Replace Old Windows

Windows are a key part of everyone’s home. Their style says a great deal about a home’s personality, they allow light to enter into the house, all while keeping the elements out. But even with the greatest of care, overtime, they can start to wear down and not do their job as well as they once had. So, when is it time to bite the bullet and replace your home’s windows? The experts at Window Nation, a trusted window company in the Delaware Valley, want to provide you with some tips to help you know exactly when it will be time to replace the older windows in your home.

Common signs that it is time to replace your old windows with new energy, efficient ones include:

  • The glass of the windows is cracked or broken.
  • In the winter months, the interior panel of your windows is cold to the touch, or in the summer it is warm to the touch.
  • They collect frost or condensation.
  • You start to notice mold or mildew along the edges of your windows.
  • They aren’t performing correctly- they become stuck and won’t open, or will open but won’t stay that way on their own.
  • The window trim around your windows is cracked or starting to rot.
  • You see an increase in your electric, heat, or cooling bills.

At Window Nation, we understand that deciding to replace the windows in your home is a big commitment, but there are in fact some very good reasons as to why it should be done. Listed below are just some of the benefits to having replacement windows installed into your Delaware Valley home, instead of sticking with your old drafty ones for “just a few more years”.

  • Energy efficient windows lower HVAC costs by reducing the highest levels of both heating and cooling that your system needs to maintain; leading to the reduction of your annual heating and cooling bills.
  • They reduce the amount of UV sunlight that enters into your home that can fade items like furniture, rugs, and wall art.
  • Energy efficient windows have warmer interior glass surfaces that help to reduce frost and condensation issues.
  • Glass technology in energy efficient windows increase the safety of the windows found in your home.
  • New, energy efficient windows are environmentally friendly.

For more information about replacement windows in Philadelphia and how easy it can be to replace your older windows with them, contact our friendly and helpful service team today. If possible, stop by and visit our showroom located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey!

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