Which Home Improvements Have The Highest Return?

The goal of almost every young, married couple is to wisely invest in a piece of real estate; namely their first home. That starter home launches the newlyweds into carefully watching the condition and value of the home in which they so proudly invested. Most importantly, all homeowners want to see the equity of their homes increase on a steady basis. Once equity builds to a comfortable cushion the homeowner begins looking at marketing the home and using the equity to reinvest in a better and newer home.

This American Dream became interrupted a few years ago as the real estate market plunged and market values drastically decreased. What was once a home with good equity became a home in which the homeowner owed more than what the market supported. More than ever before, home improvements called for very wise and careful spending. The homeowner now considers the home improvements that are of necessity and even more importantly, which improvement gives the highest return.

As spring begins its approach, a great way to climb out of the winter slump is through the planning of home improvements and replacement projects for the spring and summer. Nearly 2,000 homeowners turn to Window Nation each year for installations. Window Nation has over 35 years of combined experience and are experts in window installation as well as in the installation of siding and entry doors.

In keeping up with the importance of first impressions, real estate professionals list exterior improvements and replacements at the top of the list for having the greatest return on the initial cost of replacement. These improvements are what give that important eye appeal to the potential buyer. Entry door replacement ranked number 1 in cost effectiveness of midrange projects while siding replacement ranked number 1 in upscale projects. Window replacements were listed in the top 5 of both midrange projects and upscale projects. Additional recommended home improvement projects included deck additions, minor kitchen remodeling, garage door replacement, bathroom remodeling and roofing replacement.

Window Nation of Ohio specializes in assisting you with replacement window estimates and showing you energy saving tips to make your home more energy efficient as well as giving you a high return on your investment. However, Ohio windows are not the only things that add value to your home. Window Nation clients are also very happy and satisfied with the installation of their new vinyl siding and entry doors. In fact, 98% of Window Nation’s clients are happy to refer us to their friends and family. If you are looking for replacement windows in Cleveland or other areas of Ohio, Window Nation is staffed with highly skilled licensed professionals to assist you with your home improvement decisions. Contact us today and arrange for a consultation!

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