Which Patio Door is Right for My Home?

You made the right call. You’ve decided to get a new patio door installed. Maybe you’re daydreaming about the kids running outside to play, or you want to eat dinner al fresco every once in a while. That garden is starting to look nice, and a new patio door is going to help you enjoy it. 

The question now is, what kind of door?

Well, what are the options? 

It basically comes down to a choice between French doors or sliding glass doors. You’ll sometimes hear people refer to French doors as “hinged doors” for the way the pair of them open on hinges. Sliding glass doors open laterally on an anodized track. You can’t go wrong either way, but you’ll want to take a few different factors into consideration. 

Sliding Doors might be right.

If you’re going into this project wanting to enjoy the view of your backyard, then sliding doors are a good choice. They give you a broad sweeping view of your property that you can enjoy even in the colder months, without worrying about drafts. 

Take a look at your furniture placement. Sliding glass doors give you more freedom on the layout of your space, since you won’t lose any square footage to the swinging open of a door.  

There are also French doors to consider.

French doors are a big dramatic statement, and can really fancy up your curb appeal. If you are looking for access to the front yard, this is the suggested route. Both sliding glass and French doors have excellent locking mechanisms that will keep your family safe, but French doors are the traditional choice for front-of-the-house patio doors.

The old wisdom used to be, that if you want to let more light, choose sliding glass. That’s not so much the case anymore. These days, the options for customization are endless, and the more you play the more light you can let in. It’s really easy to customize French doors with different heights and widths, not to mention the idea of adding a transom window over the new doors, or window panels on either side.  

Give a thought to how you want these doors to open. You can have them set up to swing in, or swing out onto the patio.  Getting your doors to swing out gives you a bit more freedom when it comes to furniture placement, and gives a sense of flow out onto your patio space. 

Does your daydream of patio doors include a lot of big, fancy backyard parties? If you anticipate lots of foot traffic in and out of the house – or carrying furniture in and out – go with French doors that fully open. If you’re thinking these patio doors are for running in to grab another beer, a sliding door will do. 

If you’re still not quite sure whether your house can accommodate a pair of French doors, there are models where one side of the pair is a fixed door, and only the other side swings open. You’ll still get all of the drama of a French door. 

Getting it just right.

Interblinds are a feature you can add to either sliding doors or French doors. These are blinds that live between the double paned window part of your door. There’s no need to take on the decorating challenges of curtains or blinds – these save you a step. They allow you to control the amount of light you let in, adjust for privacy, and never need dusting. 

Whichever way you decide, you’ll next need to choose the type of glass, and the materials that surround it. Each of the options will contribute to your home’s energy efficiency and help you save money in the long-term. The windows that Window Nation sells are backed by warranties, and are expertly measured and installed by a crew of trained professionals. 

If you’re still debating, reach out to Window Nation. They have a program where you can download a picture of your home, and they’ll show you what your new patio door will look like. Their virtual consultants can give a listen as you weigh the options, and perhaps even offer you ideas you didn’t think of. 

Good call.

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