Why Choose Vinyl Siding?

Why choose vinyl siding, you ask? Well, why not! When it comes to siding the real issues are whether it will stand the test of time. To stand the test of time it needs to weather well by holding its shape and color, and have an ultra-low maintenance plan. Vinyl siding fits the bill on all of the aspects.

Quality vinyl siding, like the siding that we have here at Window Nation, will hold its shape for many years to come. Our vinyl siding is up to five times more rigid than the average vinyl siding. This rigidity enables it to perform at or above all expectations. It will not change shape due to daily temperature fluctuations, nor will it sag. Our vinyl siding has been independently tested to withstand category five hurricane winds. In the unfortunate case where you happen to have a piece of siding damaged, our siding is designed for easy installation and repair of the damaged section.

If color is your thing, than look no further. With 90+ colors in our 11 color collections, there is surely a color for you. Our colors are not a surface color. Our fade resistant color is actually part of the PVC that the siding is made from. It will never need to be scraped, painted or stained. You can even get all your exterior siding accessories to match your new vinyl siding from Window Nation. When your siding and all of your exterior trim, gutters, soffits and accessories are all the same color, than they really finish and complete outside of your home making it look pristine.

Vinyl siding has no maintenance. What a load off your mind as a home owner. You deal with siding once, and once only, when you pick it out and have it installed. All you need is a garden hose to keep your vinyl siding looking clean and brand new!

There’s no doubt why vinyl siding is the most popular choice for siding in new construction or remodeling. Here at Window Nation we sell and install some of the best vinyl siding lines available. Come in to see us about your vinyl siding, and leave with a happy new and improved exterior for your home.

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