Why Fall Is A Good Time For New Windows

As the temperature outside begins to get cooler it is a good time to check and see if your home needs replacement windows this fall. With cooler temps outside you can begin to notice if there are any drafts in or around your windows. It is important to get this problem solved before the colder winter months arrive. This can be crucial for having a well heated, cozy home this winter. New energy efficient windows can also save you a lot of money on heating costs this winter season. Take time to walk around your home and check your windows to see if they are properly sealed and if there is any kind of draft.

Here are a few things to look for while you are checking your windows this fall:

  • Cold Spots: When examining your windows check for cold spots. This means that your windows are not properly insulating your home.
  • Paint Peel: If the paint around your windows is peeling on the exterior of your home, this could mean that moisture is building up due to drafty windows.
  • Condensation: If you are noticing condensation on your windows, this means that there is not enough insulation in your windows. This will become frost and ice as the weather gets colder outside.
  • Noise: As the seal around your window gets older, it grows weaker and allows in unwanted noise pollution.
  • Drafts: If you can hold a lighted candle in front of your window and the flame flickers, there are drafts in your windows. These small drafts can become a big, cold problem this winter. Making your home temperature unstable and hard to heat.
  • Frames: Check your window frames for soft wood. This could show how old the wood is and how it needs to be replaced.
  • Window well check: Open and close your windows to make sure they are operating smoothly and locking tightly.
  • Caulk: Double check the caulking on the exterior of your home. If you can shine a flashlight into your home through the caulking, your windows are not tightly sealed for winter.

These tips may seem simple but will save you money this winter on heating costs. To ensure the safety and comfort of your home this winter season, it may be time to replace your windows this fall. Contact a local window expert to see what they think your best options are for replacing your windows this fall.

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