Why You Should Consider Vinyl Siding

Does a virtually maintenance free, relatively inexpensive, energy efficient and attractive siding sound like the perfect answer for your home or building? If this sounds like what you have been searching for, then search no more. Your answer, my friend, is found in vinyl siding. Here are just a few reasons why vinyl siding is such a popular choice among homeowners today:

  • Vinyl siding offers many benefits over traditional wood siding. First and foremost is pricing. Often times, vinyl siding is less expensive to buy, install and maintain. Having a lower budget for siding leaves more room for other improvement projects.

  • So many times it has been said that ‘vinyl is final’. Well, final or not, vinyl siding certainly is a low maintenance, long lasting “lifetime” siding option. Vinyl siding’s color goes clear through the panel and a quality vinyl siding will even offer “fade resistant colors”. It is not just painted on the surface. This means that it will never have to be repainted to maintain its beautiful color. Not having to be repainted, means it will never have to be scraped to be repainted. In fact, often times,  the only thing that vinyl siding may need is a rinsing by the garden hose to clear away some dirt or mud that has been splashed up on it. Lower maintenance time spent on siding, means more time to devote to other aspects of home maintenance as well as life!

  • Vinyl siding is typically installed over an insulated foam board. This makes vinyl siding energy efficient as it decreases the amount of unwanted heat exchanged from the inside of your house out through the studs to your siding and beyond. It also decreases the amount of heat transferred into your home from the outdoors in the summer months.

If you desire even more energy efficient siding, then choose reinforced vinyl siding! Reinforced vinyl siding has an insulated backing applied to it. This will increase your home’s ability to hold heat or cooled air. Here at Window Nation, we offer Fullback® Insulated Siding. This siding has an R value of up to 3.5. The solid backing makes this siding more durable to withstand higher winds and harsher weather. The cavity behind the profile of the vinyl siding is solid, not hollow like traditional vinyl siding. So solid that even a baseball or basketball will have a hard time leaving its mark behind. With an almost endless array of styles and colors to choose from, vinyl is able to compliment almost any theme, style or decor. From the traditional standard solid colors to textured wood look colors, vinyl siding offers it all. Vinyl siding is so much more than just a quick and easy option. Combining the affordability, efficiency and durability of vinyl, while mimicking the look and feel of classic wood siding, makes vinyl siding the clear choice for all your siding needs!

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