Window Wraps Are A Temporary Fix To Drafty Windows

Having drafty windows in the winter can add a chill to your home. Your heating system will be working extra hard to heat your home. This will raise your heating costs for the winter months. Heat isn't free and the last thing you want to do is to waste your hard earned money trying to heat a home with drafty windows. There are do-it-yourself remedies, such as using plastic window wraps or inserting styrofoam boards into the window opening. These remedies might be simple for a temporary fix but overtime the best solution will be replacing your windows.

Plastic Window Wraps Band-Aid the Problem—Not Fix It

Using plastic window wraps to help block the cold air out of your home is a temporary fix to a real window problem. You can purchase a window wrap kit for around $7.00. It comes with three wraps and tape. To wrap your windows, you need a clean window frame. Add the double sided tape to the edge of the frame. Apply the plastic wrap to the exterior of the window as tight as you can. Then you need to blow dry the plastic wrap to seal it tight. These wraps are bulky and unattractive to have around your home. They can end up peeling and falling down mid-winter. These wraps are a temporary fix and only block a portion of the cold draft from the windows. The same is true for styrofoam boards, plus they are typically only inserted on the inside and can limit the light flow into your home. The last thing you need in the dead of winter is a dreary home.

Replacement Windows—the Only Way to Truly Fix Drafty Windows

Replacement Windows: Replacement windows are a permanent solution to drafty windows. They will be more of a expense at first but they will save you money on heating and cooling costs in the long run. New windows will pay for themselves for years to come. These additions will also update and increase the value of your home. The new technology and energy efficiency of modern replacement windows can change the entire energy efficiency dynamic of your home. Having an energy efficient home is ideal for the comfort and safety of you and your family. It will also help keep your budget in check. Enjoy your home this winter with new windows and a draft free home!

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