Windows That Are Easy To Use

Why on Earth would you want to replace your windows? They’re just fine. You have a piece of wood to hold that one window open, and it works great. Sure, there’s that other one that is falling apart, but it’s nothing a dozen strips of duct tape can’t handle. And, most of the others you never open anyway, so it doesn’t matter that half of them stick. Right? You’re tough. I get it. You don’t mind if life is a little inconvenient. You’re not a complainer. You’re not all about your comfort. But you’re smart. You know that replacing those windows isn’t just about convenience. Sure, it is nicer to be able to slide a window open and enjoy the breeze or allow the sound of the birds to filter in, but there are more important reasons to get those windows replaced. Reasons that just make sense.

  • New windows pay for themselves. Why should anyone ever suffer with old, broken windows when windows are an investment that pays for itself? All that heat you’re losing in the winter and all the air conditioned air you’re losing in the summer is costing you money. With new windows, you’re not letting your hard-earned cash fly out the windows–quite literally.

  • Ease of use equals money in your pocket. Not only will new windows keep the cold air in during the summer, they offer a reason to not use that air conditioning. If you’re able to easily slide your windows open, you’ll take more advantage of that nice breeze in the spring and fall.

  • Fire hazard. Windows that stick are dangerous. If a fire breaks out in your home, are you confident you, or other family members, can get out? Windows offer a route of escape. If they don’t open easily and stay open, things could end badly.

  • Good windows shield sound. It is a lot easier to deal with all that life wants to throw at you when you’ve had a good night’s sleep. Windows shield your home from the sound of your neighbors and ambient sounds like traffic or crows squawking at five in the morning.

There really is no reason to live with old windows. Go ahead and buy replacement windows because they’re a smart and practical choice. Then sit back and enjoy aesthetic ways new windows make life better.

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