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Single Hung vs. Double Hung Windows

March 14, 2018

Cleaning windows can be a drag. This item on the honey-do list may even be worse than folding laundry. Most of the time you need to wait until the weather is temperate enough to go outside, wash them down, climb a ladder and then work carefully so there isn’t any streaking or your work has been in vain. Some people may go to the extent to have the windows on their home professionally washed just…

The Perfect Christmas Gift

December 7, 2017

It is hard to choose the perfect gift. You have to take into account what a person likes, what season you're giving the gift, how long the gift will bring happiness, whether or not the gift will be accepted, and many other subtle variables. Let's take a look at the gift giving process and see if we can determine the perfect Christmas gift, based on the information we currently have, and past…

Energy Efficiency With New Windows

May 26, 2016

New Windows Can Look Great, They Can Also Lower Your Energy Costs.

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