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Window Gardens: Herbs Vs Flowers

May 14, 2015

What kind of a person are you? Do you like a kitchen filled with warm sunshine and a splash of color? Or is the kitchen where you make culinary delights and gourmet bliss? It can be hard to choose which plants to put in your new garden window. Do you plant your favorite herbs where they are in arms reach as you throw together the perfect dish? Or will your garden window have red, purple and yellow…

Add Some Spring To Your Windows With These 5 Ideas

March 12, 2015

Spring is FINALLY getting close. Seems we have all endured a long, cold winter. Looking outside and seeing the sun shining brightly is a welcomed sight. We want the outdoors to look like spring has already sprung. We start spring cleaning our house and opening up the windows to let the fresh air in and the stale winter air out. Adding some spring to your windows will really help welcome in this…

Easy To Grow Houseplants For A 'Greener' Home

February 11, 2015

It is no secret that having plants in your home is good for you and your family’s health. Plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. Oxygen affects our entire body and how well we function. Having living green plants in your home will increase the air quality you live with every day. Good air quality helps you have good health and well-being. Plants also add an extra element of fresh life…

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