Windows for $189 in Connecticut? Think Twice

Those flyers that come in the mail offering window replacement services as low as $189 sound tempting, but just like when you look at a clear highway in Connecticut, you’ll be left wondering, “Is this too good to be true?” Before you follow up on an offer for a $189 window (or assume that you won’t meet traffic in a minute or two), learn more about these deals in Connecticut — including the fine print often excluded from those direct mailings.

What's Included in a $189 Window?

A $189 window offer is just that — a single window, bare-bones, nothing extra. It’s like when you order a pepperoni pizza, and the pizza place forgets the toppings. For the $189 price point, you receive a plain window. If you want paint colors or window grids, these cost more. For example, if you're replacing one bathroom window and you need it to match the nautical aesthetic of your other windows, you’ll pay well over $189 to add the trim and create the perfect match. While installation might be included in the $189 price tag, it's only a no-fuss installation. If the installer finds anything unusual — say they need to widen the window frame, or they find lead paint in your old windows — you'll pay extra. Since the installer cannot estimate what they might find ahead of time, you cannot budget for hidden fees. It’s like budgeting extra time for the three new roadblocks they put up since yesterday on your way to work. Some of the things that you would expect to be included in a window installation that the $189 window might not cover:
  • Old window removal fee
  • Foam or fiberglass insulation fee
  • Disposal of old window and cleanup fee
  • Taxes and city permits
  • Trim fee to repair any deteriorating trim around your window so that the window can be installed
  • The workers leaving your window open while they make a stop at Dunkin’
  • Window screen fee
  • Fee to remove security bars so they can install the window and another fee to replace them

Should You Install a $189 Window?

The loud group of people at Dunkin’ saying "you get what you pay for" holds true for replacement windows.

Not Energy Efficient

One of the main reasons Nutmeggers seek replacement windows is to stop air leaks from drafty windows, and thus provide energy saving windows If you wanted to feel the outdoor breeze on your skin, you’d be out in the forest with a couple of friends, not in your own home. If your existing window has gaps that allow air in and out, then installing any new window will reduce air leaks by creating a tighter fit. When you install a $189 window, you might not feel the cool Connecticut breeze, but you won’t be saving much money on your energy bills. $189 windows lack the premium energy efficiency features that come standard on replacement windows from Window Nation, such as Low-E coatings or Argon gas between the panes. Low-E coatings repel solar heat: without it, your new windows could turn your house into a tropical greenhouse (you know, for the two months out of the year it’s warm enough to happen here). Argon gas will boost your window’s thermal efficiency – without it, your windows won’t deliver increased energy efficiency. It doesn’t take a degree from UConn to know it won’t save you money in the long run.

Low-Quality Materials

These replacement windows are typically made from low-quality materials that last, on average, for 5-7 years, which is 5-7 more Dave Matthews Band concerts to go to if you live near Mohegan Sun Arena. If you pay $189 per window to replace all the windows in your home, do you want to do it again in five years' time?

Aggressive Sales Tactics

Finally, let's say you have a window company provide a quote for $189 per window. Don't be surprised if they keep calling you, or if they say their "special offer" is expiring soon and you need to act now through a thousand different emails. They’re like the one guy in Elephant’s Truck Flea Market who talks your ear off when you have places to be. With something as major as replacement windows, don't be pressured into acting by a company trying to upsell you. Ultimately, these companies are wordsmiths that expect you to upgrade from their baseline model to a nicer window, customize the paint, and add grids. In other words, they anticipate that $189 window turning into a $500-$600 window. Rather than be lured by a marketing tactic, get honest answers from the start by working with a window installer in Hartford who uses a transparent pricing structure.

Why Window Nation Doesn’t Offer $189 Windows

Unlike most companies who only carry one window, we offer three windows (good, better and best) which helps us to fit each Nutmegger with the window that best matches their needs and budget. But what we never compromise on is quality. Tens of thousands of people each year choose Window Nation because our pricing is extremely competitive and our selection of products is unsurpassed, just like the UConn Huskies. With Window Nation, there are no surprise charges or hidden fees. It's easy to find out the EXACT price for the right windows and doors for your home. Our expert consultants will be happy to provide you a free, no-obligation consultation and estimate by contacting us here, calling us or visiting our local showrooms in Connecticut.

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