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Why an Estimate for Windows Requires a Sales Call

March 24, 2017

Springtime is here again, and it is the season for an annual clean out all sorts of unneeded items. People are throwing away the junk that has cluttered up their space as well as starting to spruce up their homes with a little new paint and new landscaping to get it summer ready. Spring is also the time when most homeowners start to talk about home remodeling, adding a new room, redoing the…

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What Happens During a Window Installation?

March 21, 2017

It is springtime, which means now is the perfect time to replace your windows. If you had a drafty winter or you have experienced other window related window problems in your home, it’s time to schedule a window installation. The process is easy and the peace of mind replacement provides is limitless. After you buy your new windows, this is what you can expect during the installation…

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Curb Appeal: The Difference between Flipping and Flopping

March 16, 2017

The housing market has had its share of ups and downs in recent years. Luckily, we have started to see a swing in the market, and people seem to be buying again. However, there are still a lot of homes for sale that have been on the market for months. Today’s homebuyer is savvy about doing their research and seeing a large number of properties before they decide on one. It is the largest…

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The Many Ways You Can Save Money With New Windows

March 14, 2017

Are you thinking about a window replacement this year? If so, we applaud you on your choice. Replacing old windows is a smart choice, all the way around. They add beauty to your home, new functionality, increased ambiance in interior spaces, and are an investment that earns you money. Here are a few ways you'll see a return on your investment.

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