4 Benefits Of Fiberglass Doors

The style of a person’s home often reflects their personality and this can be especially true of the front door. The style of a home’s front door can be a good clue as to what will be found behind it. Is the door traditional, modern, bright and funky, or colonial? Even more important than the style of the door is what material the door is created from. Having a quality built door professionally installed into your home will ensure that the door will function properly and last long into the future.

Replacing your old entry door with a newer fiberglass door can go a long way in increasing the energy efficiency of your home, and in the long run save you money on energy costs. At Window Nation you can be sure that all our entry doors meet or exceed all ENERGY STAR® requirements.

Along with increasing the energy efficiency of your home, four other benefits of installing a fiberglass entry door from Window Nation into your home include:

  1. Locking Systems– Fiberglass doors can be equipped with a multi-point locking system. This type of system will provide you with added security for your home. The locking system in a fiberglass doors is stainless which mean that you won’t have to worry about break-ins or rust.
  2. Rot Resistant Frames– Our fiberglass doors have frames that are created with finger jointed composite ends; because of this you won’t have to lose sleep at night worrying about rot or insect damage in your entry door. Another benefit of fiberglass doors that should ease your mind is the 20 minute positive pressure fire-rating!
  3. Leak Proof– Fiberglass entry door systems have all been thoroughly tested to prevent water leakage and provide homeowners with a snug fit. In combination with having your door installed by a Window Nation professional, you can be sure that your new fiberglass door will have a customized fit and be leak-proof.
  4. Heat Tested– Heat can cause a lot of damage to entry door systems. Overtime heat can cause your entry door to crack, warp, and swell which in turn affects its overall function. Fiberglass entry door systems from Window Nation are resistant to extreme temperature chances, allowing for a tight seal for years into the future.

For more information about fiberglass entry door systems, contact the experts at Window Nation. We have over 75 door styles, 35 decorative glass options, and 40 color and stain options for you to choose from. This means that no matter what your personal style is or what the style of your home is, we will have a door to match! With the help of our professionals, you will have the right door and style chosen for your home!

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