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Window Nation Referral Program

Earn up to $500 when you Refer a Friend or Family Member! *


At Window Nation we pride ourselves on our 97% customer satisfaction. We help fulfill all our customers home improvement dreams with high quality products and an emphasis on customer experience!

From the first appointment through to installation and even after. We strive to make every customer experience extraordinary. Once you're a Window Nation customer, you are family!

With our referral program, you refer a friend, family member, or even casual acquaintance and earn up to $500 in the from of a reward card. *amount of reward card depends on the total purchase amount of the referrer.

Invite a Friend to Experience the Same Unique brand of customer service and customized products for their home!

All you have to do is have the person you referred mention you at their sales appointment and they will get $500 off of their Window Nation project, you will enjoy a rewards card. You both win!

Not only that, but you can refer as many friends as you'd like - there's always room for more in the Window Nation family!

Thanks again trusting us with your home improvement needs, and we hope you enjoy your new windows, siding, or doors from Window Nation for years to come.

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Refer a Friend or Family Member and Claim Your Reward

1. Only previous Window Nation customers are eligible to be a part of this rewards program.
2. Both parties have to purchase a product from Window Nation to qualify for the rewards program.
3. Offer may be redeemed for a Tango Reward Card or a similar Gift Card worth up to $500 per referral. If a new referral does not become a customer of Window Nation for any reason, the referring customer will not be entitled to any gift card. Window Nation shall not be obligated to accept any new customer except at Window Nation’s sole discretion.
4.$50 referral bonus will be paid out as a tango gift card. It is valid for initial visit only. Prospect must receive a in-home estimate to be qualified. Please allow up to 4 (four) weeks to receive gift card.
5. Gift card will be emailed 1-2 weeks after customers’ order is fully installed and either paid for or sent to financing. Not available on the Valueline window.
6.To be qualified as a new order, the new order must be signed by the new customer and submitted to Window Nation. Referring customer must go online or call the toll-free number to register the referral - no hand-given coupons will be accepted by the sales team. Also, to be qualified as a new order, the new customer must not have been a previous customer of Window Nation.
7. There is no limit to the number of new customers that any existing customers wish to refer.
8. Window Nation employees and their families are not eligible to participate in this program.
9. Window Nation reserves the right to alter or withdraw this offer at any time during the program without prior notice. Window Nation may decline acceptance of any offer that does not adhere to these terms and conditions.
10.This offer is void where prohibited by law. Window Nation will resolve all disputes at its sole discretion.