Vent Windows

Window Nation's vent windows are engineered and built for durability. You can expect decades of consistent, reliable operation, without ever having to lift a finger for maintenance.

These replacement windows outperform all other styles in energy efficiency, making them a popular choice among homeowners for bathrooms and basement window replacement.

Vent basement replacement window


When you close one of these windows, you'll notice how the sash pulls tightly into the frame and against multiple synthetic ultra-compression weather strips. The tight seal prevents air and moisture from getting in and provides you with a much higher level of home security, making them an excellent choice for bathroom and basement window replacement. Each operating sash comes standard with a commercial-grade, multi-point lock system, providing additional security and closure for less visible window placements in your home, such as basement windows and bathroom windows. Not interested in vinyl windows?  Window Nation's vent windows are also available in wood. All windows are constructed using stainless steel dyes and manufactured with 100% uPVC virgin vinyl that is fully fusion-welded using state-of-the-art four-point welding equipment. Box and I-beam construction provide superior strength and rigidity while increasing the insulating performance. High-strength automotive-grade glazing beads actually tighten as the wind and elements blow against them.
Basement Window Replacement with Vent Windows
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Vent Window


  • Heavy-duty vinyl frames, with all corners, fused using a four-point welder at high temperatures for extraordinary strength and excellent insulation.
  • Soft White vinyl with an exceptionally smooth, clean surface, keeps your windows looking beautiful for decades.
  • Warm-edge spacer reduces energy loss through the glass.
  • Automotive-type glazing creates a super-tight seal.
  • Polypropylene poly-fin weather stripping helps make your windows airtight.
  • Ultra-compression weather seal provides tight closure, similar to a refrigerator door, to prevent air and water infiltration.
  • Smooth, clean frame and sash profile allow maximum light and viewing area which is great for basement window replacement.
  • Elegant, modern hardware ensures easy, problem free operation, even for large sash sizes.
  • Available, newly-designed folding handle minimizes possible interference with window treatments.
  • Beveled exterior frame is especially attractive to give your home beautiful curb appeal.
  • Finely detailed millwork design on the interior master frame gives you the look of handcrafted molding.
  • Multiple-point lock-and-seal system operates easily, with a single lever, for the tightest possible seal and excellent security.
  • Custom-made, durable screens, with heavy-duty aluminum frames and strong fiberglass mesh, are designed for a long life.