Awning Window

Replace your bathroom or basement windows with quality engineered Window Nation awning replacement windows.

Built for durability, our awning windows provide homeowners with decades of reliable operation and require minimum maintenance.

Replacement awning windows from Window Nation outperform all other window styles in energy efficiency, making them a popular choice among homeowners for basements and bathrooms.

Awning Replacement Windows


Awning window styles are most commonly used in bathroom and basement window replacement. These two areas of the home typically require ventilation but, standard double-hung window styles aren't a good fit.

Typically placed higher up in the wall, the awning window style provides shelter from outside elements, while still allowing airflow. 

Replacement awning windows are designed for a tight fit. You see this when you close one of these windows, the sash pulls tightly into the frame via a crank handle system.

Awning windows feature multiple synthetic ultra-compression weather strips to help create the tightest seal possible. That tight seal prevents moisture and helps limit air from escaping or coming in. 

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Window Nation Angie's List


beige interior / exterior  Beige


soft white Soft White

brazilian cherry wood grain example Brazilian Cherry

cherry wood grain Cherry

light oak wood grain for windows Light Oak

medium oak wood grain for windows Medium Oak

almond exterior window color Almond

 Amazon Green

black exterior window color Black

bronze exterior window color Bronze


champagne exterior window color Champagne

coastal dune exterior window color Coastal Dune

colonial ivory exterior window color Colonial Ivory

forest green exterior window color Forest Green

gray exterior window color Gray

rosewood exterior window color Rosewood

royal brown exterior window color Royal Brown


sierra exterior window color Sierra

terratone exterior window color Terratone

 Tile Red

 Wedgewood Blue

And many more!