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Our Specialty Window Shapes Include Triangle Windows, Hexagon Windows, and More

Window Nation’s picture windows are custom built to fit your home’s unique openings.

Available in a variety of shapes including full circle windows, half-circles, triangles and hexagon windows, and more.

These specialty windows are energy efficient and made from durable materials designed to withstand the elements.

Window Nation also offers specialty windows in wood.

Triangle Windows

Triangle custom window shapes are a very popular choice when seeking to capture natural light. The triangle shape works well with peaked roofs and can offer homeowners a floor-to-ceiling window experience.

This custom shape can be incorporated easily in most home styles, creating visual interest and drawing in the beauty of the outdoors.

Contact a Window Nation Design Consultant and learn how you can incorporate more light with our custom triangle window shapes. 

Hexagon Windows

If you are looking to add some modern or contemporary elements, consider adding custom hexagon window shapes.

Hexagon windows elevate the design and can dramatically increase natural light in a space.

Hexagon window shapes are extremely versatile. Add in clusters or just a single shape high up on a wall. Add natural light to your kitchen or amp up the drama in your entryway.

Unleash your creativity with our custom window shapes. Window Nation Design Consultants can help you bring your vision to life.

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Showcase Custom Window Shapes with Your Personal Style

Window Nation offers interior and exterior window frame and trim color options. 



beige interior / exterior  Beige


soft white Soft White

brazilian cherry wood grain example Brazilian Cherry

cherry wood grain Cherry

light oak wood grain for windows Light Oak

medium oak wood grain for windows Medium Oak


almond exterior window color Almond

 Amazon Green

black exterior window color Black

bronze exterior window color Bronze


champagne exterior window color Champagne

coastal dune exterior window color Coastal Dune

colonial ivory exterior window color Colonial Ivory

forest green exterior window color Forest Green

gray exterior window color Gray

rosewood exterior window color Rosewood

royal brown exterior window color Royal Brown


sierra exterior window color Sierra

terratone exterior window color Terratone

 Tile Red

 Wedgewood Blue

And many more!

antique bronze foil laminate windows Antique Bronze

beige exterior foil laminates Beige

chestnut brown foil laminates Chestnut Brown

cocoa foil laminate Cocoa

green laminate window swatch Green

sierra exterior foil laminates Sierra