A Place To Retreat In Philly

If you live in Philadelphia, you have probably noticed that it is hard to plant a garden, especially if you live in a high-rise or a home that almost touches the home next to you. Does this mean you have to live in the concrete jungle without all the healing benefits that come from having plants? Not at all. Here are some ideas to create pockets of life in, and on, your home.


If you’ve never done container gardening before, that’s no problem. Start small. Build a starter garden in your window. Grow some herbs. Grow some flowers. Try a small vegetable in one of your containers. This is a great way to build the necessary skills to go bigger! If your windows are old and tired, then it’s time to replace them with the help of the pro’s here at Window Nation. Just think, a new and beautiful window box on a smooth and sleek new window from Window Nation, PERFECTION!


This is another place you can do a lot with containers. Make sure to choose plants that need the amount of sunlight your balcony gets. Choose strong plants, so you will increase your chances of success. A balcony garden can be your own personal oasis. Fill it with lots of color.


Once you feel comfortable growing and maintaining a container garden, it is time to move on up.

What does your rooftop look like? If you’re not using your roof for a garden paradise, you’re missing out. It begins with a wood foundation that gets you slightly above whatever your roof is made of. This decking can also give you an even surface on an angled roof. Be sure to consult a professional contractor for this, so that you are sure to have a safe foundation to build on.

If you’re looking to save a little money and you have flat areas of roof that are sturdy enough to hold some plant containers, you can choose to only build decking where you intend to walk. If you have an angled roof, you can use lesser expensive materials in areas you intend to have your container plants.

You would be amazed at the variety of plants you can grow in containers. Fill your space with plenty of greens and don’t be afraid to add in some fruits and vegetables. Look to YouTube for helpful videos on how to grow incredible plants in your containers.

Add a few benches up there to relax on, a few wind chimes to fill the air with song and some bird feeders to draw in a little wildlife. If you’re feeling brave, you may even put in a tiny bird pool. Decorate it with some colorful rocks around the edges, and you’re in business.

Container gardens can bring life to your Philadelphia home. Start small and work your way up. Before you know it, you’ll be surrounded by the beauty of nature. Dare to be creative. It is worth it.

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