The time has come when homeowners across the country are eager to get started on their spring home improvement projects. Whether they are indoor projects or outdoor projects, you can count on a busy season for home improvement companies nationwide. But we wanted to remind you before you tackle your next project, that energy efficient home improvement projects are eligible to receive energy tax credits! That means a savings for you now and also, long-term savings that comes from having a more energy efficient home. With the many different projects out there, energy efficient replacement windows are known to be eligible for energy tax credits.

Even better is that Congress has decided to make energy tax credits retroactive. So if you went all out in 2012 making energy efficient improvements to your home, you may still be able to receive a tax credit on this year’s returns!

Energy tax credits have many people and corporations excited. From an article posted to the Beacon Journal, “Obviously we think it’s a really great move to help consumers afford [improvements] and encourage them to think about making these energy-efficiency investments in their homes,” said Ronnie Kweller, a spokesperson for the Alliance to Save Energy, a Washington energy-efficiency lobby.

This is great news for both homeowners and energy efficiency advocates like our team of replacement window experts at Window Nation. We have always believed that creating an energy efficient home is one of the smartest home improvements you can make. Even windows that were made just 10 years ago do not prove to have the same great energy efficient technologies as today’s replacement windows. In addition to using fewer resources, homeowners save money on their heating and cooling bills!

Keep in mind, that as with any tax credit, there are eligibility regulations. We have created a document for you to help determine whether or not your recent or future home improvement projects are eligible to receive this year’s energy tax credits. Click here to view the 2012 – 2013 Tax Credit Information page.

If you are ready to get started with your home’s energy efficient replacement windows, please contact Window Nation today. Our service area extends from Ohio including Cleveland, to the D.C. Metro, to Baltimore, Maryland and to the Carolina’s. So, if you are ready to create a more energy efficient home AND enjoy the energy tax credits from your replacement project, please give us a call today or stop by one of our store locations near you!

If you’re planning to purchase replacement windows soon, or already have in the past year, you may be eligible for a tax credit when filing this year. As the dreaded tax day deadline approaches, now is the time to make sure you’re getting every credit you deserve. At Window Nation, we’re proud to offer replacement windows that will not only lower energy costs, but may also help you qualify for the new, 2013 energy tax credit.

For details on the energy tax credit, including eligibility, please click here.

In addition to getting a break in taxes, there are many other benefits to having replacement windows in your home. Our energy-efficient products will leave you feeling good about your purchase for many reasons, including:

No more hot and cold spots in your home. Replacement windows will keep the heat (or air conditioning) INSIDE, and keep your home comfortable. Older windows cause a great deal of heat and air conditioning loss, causing your home’s temperature to fluctuate.Nobody enjoys five trips to the thermostat in one night, trying to keep the place warm.

Saving money on utility bills. Generally speaking, it takes fuel to heat the home, and electricity to cool the home, so no matter what the temperature is outside, your home requires energy resources to stay comfortable inside. If your windows are literally letting the heat or cool air slip outside, then you’re paying more money to keep your home at a desired temperature. Energy-efficient windows keep your expensive heating and cool air inside, meaning you’re using less energy resources and paying less to keep the home comfortable, year-round.

Adding value to your home. Replacement windows don’t only increase your home’s energy efficiency, they also increase its value! So whether you’re trying to sell your home,or just keep it looking beautiful, you can count on your new windows to help aesthetically, and monetarily.

So, don’t stress over taxes or old windows! There are energy credits to be had. If you’ve had the windows in your home replaced since January 2012, make sure to ask your tax professional if you’re eligible for the new energy tax credit. If you’re in need of replacementwindows, be sure to visit, then set up a free, in-home estimate by calling into our office. Now is one of the best times to consider replacing your windows.

At Window Nation, we’re ready to help you add value and efficiency to your home. To learn more about replacement windows in Cleveland or throughout our large service area that extends from Ohio to the Carolinas, make sure to contact Window Nation today.


Qualifying for the 2012 - 2013 Tax Credit:

It's here! Tax season that is, and what better time to remind you that some of the home improvement projects you've been contemplating or completed last year now qualify for tax credits for 2012 and 2013. If you've been thinking about buying energy efficient replacement windows or doors but have been holding off, the window replacement professionals here at Window Nation have put together some information on the 2012 - 2013 tax credits.

To qualify for the energy tax credit, homeowners must purchase and install ENERGY STAR®-qualified windows, doors or other eligible products. Please note not all ENERGY STAR products qualify for tax credits. You can review the list of eligible products here.

Consumers can claim a credit of 10%, up to $200, of the purchase price on qualifying windows. They can also claim 10%, up to $500, of the purchase price of qualifying doors. This includes the purchase price only and does not apply to installation costs. Tax credits under this law are capped at a cumulative lifetime total of $500 for all qualifying products installed from January 1, 2006 to December 31, 2013. Check with your tax professional to see if you qualify.

Don't forget: you must purchase and install qualifying products by December 31, 2013 to get the credit. Save a copy of the document and your contract in order to claim the tax credit on your Federal filing for the 2012 or 2013 tax year.

At Window Nation, we have over 35 years of combined experience in the installation of energy efficient windows, doors and siding. If you would like to learn more about how to create an energy efficient home and even save money on your heating and cooling costs from our energy efficient products, please contact Window Nation today. Our service area extends from Cleveland, OH; Washington D.C.; all of Maryland; Northern Virginia, to the Carolinas.

We look forward to working with you and helping you get your 2012-2013 energy tax credits! Give us a call today to get started.