If you’re thinking about adding siding to your home, there are a ton of reasons to consider vinyl siding. While this siding option had a rough start back in the 1950s, and earned a reputation for fading, cracking, and buckling, advances in science, manufacturing, and installation techniques have changed all that. Significantly. Here are the top 5 reasons you should consider choosing vinyl siding for your home.

  1. Cost. Let’s be honest; cost matters. And vinyl has been the clear winner in this department for awhile, even though it hasn’t always been the winner when it comes to visual aesthetics. Now you can have both. Modern vinyl siding is beautiful and still retains its place as the leading, low-cost option. Of all the siding available today, you’re going to get the biggest bang for your buck if you choose vinyl.
  2. No painting necessary. If you’re the type of person who likes to change up the color on your home every once in awhile, this may not actually be a positive for you. But, if you dread having to paint and stain every 5 years, vinyl is the right choice. Not only will you not have the chore of painting your home to keep it nice, vinyl is extremely resistant to color fade. Your home is going to look vibrant for years to come.
  3. Less compromise. In the past, you would have had to compromise when choosing vinyl. Not anymore. Modern manufacturing technologies allow vinyl to have a rich textured look, just like wood. If you we were thinking that you would have to live without a beautiful wood grain, think again.
  4. Better than wood. Wood has a tendency to split, peel, and rot. It is also susceptible to insect invasion. Vinyl doesn’t have any of the deficiencies. With vinyl, you can expect a product that is going to stand up against the weather and all those bugs.
  5. Insulation. If your goal is to add a blanket of insulation to your home that will keep your energy costs down and make the interior of your home more comfortable all year long, then vinyl is the perfect choice. Our vinyl siding comes with contouring, insulating foam and with graphite particles, which slow down the transfer of heat.

If you have questions about colors, features, textures, and options that are available, reach out to us today, and let’s get started. You’re going to love your new look. And you’re going to love all of the convenience that comes with vinyl siding.

Have you been thinking of getting a facelift for your home? Vinyl siding is definitely a great way to go. That is why we’ve made it a large part of our business. But there are a few things you should consider before you get your checkbook out.

Pros And Cons Of Going With Vinyl Siding

  • Some things that are a pro for one person can be a con for another, like periodic painting. If you enjoy changing the color of your house whenever you feel like it, vinyl may not be the right choice for you. But, being able to paint your house whenever you feel like it comes with a downside. If you don’t paint every 5 years, you’re going to have to look at a home that is losing its color, and chipping. While you won’t be able to paint your vinyl siding, you will enjoy years of vibrant color that will require very little elbow grease to keep it looking beautiful.

  • Extreme cold weather can sometimes make vinyl siding brittle, and this can be an issue for some. But when you consider the price of vinyl compared to fiber cement, the lower cost more than makes up the difference in durability. And, when compared to wood, vinyl siding may not be as impervious to cold damage, but the insulated backing that comes with vinyl siding does a much better job of keeping all that extreme cold out, and all the warmth in. Besides these differences, vinyl is also inexpensive and easy to fix when siding is damaged.

  • Insect damage is an issue every homeowner should keep in mind. When it comes to resisting insects, vinyl beats wood every time.

  • When it comes to combating mold and rot, vinyl is the most inexpensive option available to outperform wood.

  • Siding can fade over time, but vinyl can be made to resist color fade. At Window Nation, we use a process that makes colors go all the way through the panels. This keeps them looking vibrant, year after year.

  • There was a time when vinyl couldn’t compete against the aesthetics of wood but that is not longer the case. Vinyl has come a long way. It is now even accepted for use on many historical buildings.

If you’re looking for a low cost, low maintenance, mold and bug resistant, insulated siding that is easy to put on and easy to fix, you don’t have to look any further than vinyl. Speak with one of our knowledgeable online representatives today and find out how vinyl can help you reduce the cost of maintaining your home, without compromising the beauty.

Vinyl siding isn’t just a quality upgrade for a home; it is a vital part of a home’s defenses. It is the protective skin that keeps warm air in throughout the winter and cool air in during the summer. It keeps the sun from drying out the wood of a home–without the need for constant staining and painting. It keeps water from soaking in and causing rot, mold, or algae. Plus, it is the first line of defense against the damage hostile weather conditions can cause. That is why it is important to make sure your vinyl siding is doing its job. Here are 5 signs that it may be time to upgrade your siding.

  1. Cracks. This is a sign you can’t miss. When siding begins to crack, it can become unsightly; but cracks are more than an eyesore. Those cracks will be letting water in through the wood of your home, and this can lead to expensive repairs or interior mold issues. If you’re seeing cracks, you may be able to solve your problem by replacing a few pieces; but be sure to have an expert tell you if the problem is widespread.
  2. Bubbling or blistering. If you’ve had your siding a long time, this type of damage is a warning flag. It is letting you know that it is no longer doing its job to the level it should. Upgrading to newer technologies will help you save the money you’re losing in energy.
  3. Extreme fading. Siding has come a long way in the last two decades. We now treat vinyl with color that penetrates all the way through, so it will keep its color a lot longer. If your siding is fading, it is definitely time for new siding. Not only will it make your home vibrant and beautiful again, but you’ll immediately receive all the benefits of having this new technology.
  4. High energy bills. Sometimes your siding won’t show you that it is worn out, but if your energy bills are through the roof, it can be an indicator that your siding has reached the end of its lifespan.
  5. Interior paint and wallpaper peeling. When your siding is letting moisture in, there can be many interior signs. The most noticeable will be when interior paint bubbles or peels and wallpaper glue loses its seal.

At Window Nation, we don’t just sell and install siding. We make siding. Our design process is one of the best in the business and has made us one of the top 100 manufacturers in the United States. When you upgrade with Window Nation, you’ll be getting the most advanced, state-of-the-art technology available. That means longer-lasting value, strong durability, and energy savings you can count on.

Are you ready for an upgrade? Give us a call.

Let’s face it, as home improvement projects go, replacing vinyl siding isn’t very high on the list for most homeowners. The project that is most likely to get your attention is the one that you perceive will add more quality to your life, like fixing that sagging corner on your deck so it’s safe to do barbecues out there again, or replacing the window in the kitchen that doesn’t open so you can let the fresh spring air in while you cook. But, changing your vinyl siding can actually have a big impact on your quality of life. There are tons of styles to choose from that will breathe life into that old home and make it feel like new again.

Getting new vinyl siding for your home could also save you a pile of money. If your current siding is worn out, you may be paying a lot more than you need to on your energy bills. You could also have moisture issues that are setting you up for frustrating repair costs in the future–or worse–sickness from mold and mildew exposure.

Here are 4 ways you can tell that it is time to get new vinyl siding for your Philadelphia home.

  1. The old vinyl siding wasn’t created to last like the newer vinyl we can manufacture now. One of the clearest signs that your siding is wearing out is when it begins to warp. Not only is this warping unsightly, it also allows for liquid and moisture to get in and damage the wood of your home.
  2. If you’re paying more on your energy bills than your neighbors, it may be because the heat is going out your walls. Sure, it could be your attic or roof letting all that precious heat out, but old siding is notorious for heat loss.
  3. If you find fungus, mold, or mildew on your siding, you should take a closer look. See if there are gaps or cracks that are allowing water to get behind your siding in these areas.
  4. Some signs that your siding is worn out can be found inside your home. When wallpaper or paint begins to peel, it could be a moisture issue inside your wall voids.

If it is time to replace the vinyl siding on your Philadelphia home or enhance and preserve your home by getting it for the first time, call Window Nation. Don’t let the word window in our name fool you. Window Nation is a leader in vinyl siding installation too. You can trust our team of experts to walk you through your siding project from start to finish, and get you the perfect color and style for your home that will last for years and years.

The things we cherish the most deserve the best protection. Our health should be at the foremost of our mind with proper care of our bodies and adequate insurance. We nurture and care for our children, protecting them from as much as possible while preparing them to successfully care for themselves. But other than our children and our health, our forever home is probably the largest financial investment and most important possession we have.

Your home may be an old house handed down from your ancestors, or it could be your first purchased home—a fixer upper. Perhaps it has just become weathered with age and environmental conditions and in need of a facelift. Regardless of the type of home you own, protecting and preserving it is of vital importance.

One of the greatest investments to your home is protecting the outer surface. Vinyl siding from Window Nation comes in many styles, requires very little maintenance, and provides excellent protection. When applying vinyl siding to your home, you are creating a protective barrier that will prevent damage from the various weather elements. Wind, snow, ice, and rain can eventually take a toll on the wooden structure. When vinyl siding is applied, the wood is less susceptible to mildew and rot. The application of vinyl siding will also reduce energy bills.

Window Nation’s goal is to guide homeowners in their search for the most efficient and very best solutions for all home improvement needs. We offer a wide variety of styles, brands, and colors to fit your home and climate, providing a customized package to your total satisfaction. Window Nation technicians pay attention to every detail from the scheduling to the product and installation. This is verified by the fact that 99.5% of our jobs require no follow-up service. Another great testimony is that 96% of all customers say that they would recommend us to their friends and family.

Window Nation takes pride in our premium vinyl siding products. When choosing Window Nation, you will get the style, beauty, and durability of unsurpassed product and our expert vinyl siding installation. You will enjoy the proprietary designs and great durability, rigidity, and wind resistance. Contact Window Nation today for all your siding needs and for a great selection of siding accessories and trims. From gable vents to fluted corner posts, the options will place beautiful handcrafted finishing touches on your home while increasing value.