Many of us would love to turn our attention to spring now that the holidays are over and the days are just a bit longer, but the truth is, there is still a lot of winter left to be had.  Here at Window Nation, we are not just concerned about buttoning up your home or business with new windows, doors, and siding in order to keep you warm and cozy all winter long, but we are also very concerned about buttoning up coats on all the kids in Cleveland and keeping kids warm all winter as they travel to and from school and enjoy playtime in the cold outdoors.  This is why we support the worthy organization, Coats for Kids in Cleveland.
As you know, Coats for Kids collects new or used coats in good condition in order to distribute them to children that may not otherwise be able to have a jacket to wear during these cold days.  It is a sad fact that in today’s economy many families struggle just to keep a roof over their heads and can’t afford the luxury of new coats for their children.  This is of particular concern to those of us here in the Cleveland area as we watch the temperatures drop and the winds howl.  Window Nation is a proud supporter of this worthy program and hopes you will be too.
While it is true that the ‘official’ collection campaign for this winter has ended, you haven’t missed out on the opportunity to donate to such a worthy cause.  The collection bins were gathered up on January 13th and stored away for next fall, but there is still time for you to donate those new or used coats to the cause.  You may not be aware that there are year-round sites at Armbruster Moving & Storage in Brunswick and in the 4th floor lobby of the iheart Media Cleveland office at 6200 Oak Tree Boulevard in Independence.  True, these locations aren’t as convenient as those drop boxes at the mall, but when you look outside and see that snow and ice and hear that wind howling and think about a child shivering in the cold, well, it just doesn’t seem all that inconvenient anymore.
Remember, if you want to donate to a worthy cause or if you are in need of a new coat to button out the cold, Coats for Kids Cleveland is the place to go.  Help us give back to this community that we all love by supporting this worthy organization and the work that they tirelessly perform by donating a coat for a child in Cleveland that is in need.