In order to spruce up the look of your Philadelphia home or increase its energy efficiency, our pros think that it might be time for you to start thinking French-French doors that is! French doors can be installed as a new exterior door to increase the energy efficiency of your home. Older exterior doors allow cold air to escape in the summer, warm air to escape during the winter, and money to escape from your wallet all year long. However, French doors aren’t a one tick pony; they can also be installed in the interior of your home for an added flare of style and function!

French doors have a classic look and can be found in a wide range of styles and sizes to fit in with the look of any Philadelphia home’s style. Does your home have a retro vibe, is it classically designed, or is it super modern? Whatever the style, Window Nation has a French door that will integrate into your home’s style seamlessly.

French doors are often described as functionally beautiful. They are constructed out of panels of glass, and whether you want two panels or twenty panels it can be done. The best part about French doors is that they aren’t just something pretty to look at; they are highly functional as well!

Benefits of French doors:

  • They can increase the amount of natural light that is allowed into your home.

  • French doors can provide a large access point into your home which can be helpful when moving large items into and out of your house.

  • French doors can be used to link two rooms together.

  • They can give a room a sense of expansion; a smaller room can appear larger with the installation of French doors.

  • French doors allow two rooms to be open to each other or closed off depending on your needs that day. This can also help to save on heating and cooling costs.

  • Exterior French doors are very secure and offer solid protection against intruders.

At Window Nation we treat each of our Philadelphia customers as individuals; our pros will work with you to help you decide which French door fits you and your home. We have available over 150 style combinations and offer wood, fiberglass, or steel door systems. If it is time to change the look of your home or increase its energy efficiency, the pros at Window Nation are ready and willing to help!

Give us a call or visit our Philadelphia showroom to discuss the details of adding French doors to your home today!

When it comes to home improvement, a door replacement is where you're going to get the most bang for your buck. Doors will add about as much to the value of your home as they cost to purchase and install. But which doors are right for you? Here's what you need to know before you invest in new doors, courtesy of your friends at Window Nation.

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French DoorsBetter lighting?

For folks who want a light and open living space, there was a time when we would have suggested sliding glass doors to get that light exposure. But there are so many options for French doors now that you can get as much window real estate as you need. Whether you want two panes of glass, or twenty-four, French doors can make it work.

More security?

When it comes to security, both of these doors can come with solid protection, and have features that will keep those burglars out. But let's face it, in most cases your sliding glass door is going to be the weaker choice if security is a concern.

Use of space?

This is where the big difference between these two types of doors can really be seen. When you have French doors, there is a swing that you have to deal with. If your doors will be connecting two spaces that have furniture in them, it is best to use a sliding door. With french doors, you're going to have the swing of the doors competing for space where furniture will be--or should be. This can severely impact the usability of a room. Here is an example:

Let's say you have a dining room next to a small patio. If you install French doors so they pull in, they will be competing with the chairs and the dining room table. If you have them pushing out, they will be entering into the space where your patio furniture is, making things awkward. This is just not the right place to have French doors. Sliding doors will give you the open look you want without that awkward swing issue.


This is where those French doors are going to shine. If you want to move something large through sliding doors, you're going to have to take them out. French doors quickly give you a large opening to move through. That large opening is also nice if you have a large number of guests moving back and forth between two rooms. French doors really open things up.

When you're ready to add stylish new doors to your living space, stop by Window Nation and see our incredible selection. We'll help you pick out the doors that are right for you.

Entrance doors are the focus of the front of your home. While they should be a reflection of you and your home, they also need to be energy efficient and practical. The choices that are available are all but endless. The doors themselves can be made of wood, steel or fiberglass, each of these with their own benefits and drawbacks. The glass, or door lites, can also come in many different shapes, colors, sizes and styles. The addition of one or two sidelights alters a front door from a drab ordinary door to a presentation of a smooth working door system that is pleasant to see and sets forth a statement of beauty. All this is well and good, but how do you know which entrance system is right for you? While wood entrance systems have their own benefits and place, here at Window Nation we choose to offer the two most popular, cost and energy efficient options of steel and fiberglass.

All door openings in your house are essentially just holes in the walls that need to be able to be opened and then resealed again easily and efficiently. If your door, whether it’s a side door, front door or back door is not created with quality products and precision accuracy than if will increase your energy bills. Both our steel and fiberglass doors are manufactured to be energy efficient and to fit snugly and perfectly in their openings to help prevent any unwanted air exchange between your home and the outside.

Our steel doors have rot-resistant wood frames and brick mold trim that are treated with PineGuard™. PineGuard™ carries a Lifetime Warranty. Another standard on our steel doors is the bulb and blade door sweep on the door bottom. Our steel doors are weather tight and rot resistant, and with our Trilennium™ Multi-point locking hardware your door will be more secure than ever.

A polyurethane foam core is the center of our high performing fiberglass doors. This polyurethane core is five times more efficient than a wood door. Add in our Tru-Defense® Door System that creates a weather-tight seal between the door and the frame and you have a virtually impenetrable door system.

We have an entry door to fit every style and budget with over 75 door styles to choose from, 40 colors and stains, and 35 decorative glass options. Once you have decided on your door, let our professionals handle your installation. A top of the line door will only be as good as its installation. Whether you choose steel or fiberglass be sure to choose the best option that you have for door sales and installation, choose the experts here at Window Nation. Contact us today!

Looking to update your home this fall? How about a quick home improvement project that will give your home a fresh new look you can be proud of- a new entry door! The energy efficient home specialists at Window Nation have many different options of entry doors for you to choose from and we can even professionally install them to the exact manufacturer’s specifications. Would you like new front doors with windows? Or maybe a solid color front door that gives your home a fresh new look? Here are just a few great reasons why you should choose entry doors from the pros at Window Nation!

A new entry door from Window Nation will give your home a much needed facelift! With our great color choices, door styles, glass options, (including blinds between the glass!) and different material options, you can pick the new door that best complements your home’s current look. You can choose a color that perfectly matches your home’s exterior or you can make a bold statement with a brightly colored door- it’s your choice! But not matter what you choose, a new entry door from Window Nation will make your home look freshly updated, which can even increase your home’s perceived value!

Our doors are energy efficient! All our entry doors meet or exceed the Energy Star® criteria and will save you money on your heating and cooling bills because they are installed correctly by our Installation Master Certified Installers.

Fiberglass entry doors are more efficient than wood doors and they have an unsurpassed seal between the door and the frame. This seal is designed to keep out the wind and rain that can damage the door and your home’s structure while increasing the energy efficiency.

Steel entry doors are rot-resistant and some of them even carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty*! They also include bulb and blade sweeps, which will virtually eliminate drafts, making your home feel more comfortable, even in the dead of winter.

Many of our door systems include a multi-point locking system, which adds increased stability and security to your door system that resists rust and corrosion for years!

As you can see, choosing a new entry door system from Window Nation offers many benefits for your home. For more energy saving tips for your home and other home improvement projects including French doors, sliding glass doors and windows, contact the pros at Window Nation. We would love to discuss the options available for your home and if you would like, you can visit one of our beautiful showrooms to see for yourself the options available to update your home.

*Limited lifetime warranty will vary by manufacturer and may provide exclusions. Window Nation carries window models from several manufacturers and all warranties are available upon request