Over the past few months, you may have noticed areas of your home that need improvement. One area to focus on? Your entry door. Entry doors withstand more damage than you realize. Wear-and-tear from everyday use can cause your door to age quickly, particularly if your door is builder-grade or original to your home. Take time to assess your door, noting any signs of wear. If your door is warped or difficult to open, it may be time to replace it. If you’re looking to start an entry door replacement project, consider Window Nation. We offer more than just windows – our entry doors are high-quality and affordable, custom built to meet your home’s needs.

Variety of Style and Color Options

A new entry door from Window Nation will give your home the makeover it needs. Available in over 70 style and color options, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect fit for your home. Our entry doors are available in both steel and fiberglass, custom-built to meet your home’s unique needs.

Choose a color that perfectly matches your home’s exterior or make a bold statement with a brightly colored door. We also offer over 30 decorative glass options, allowing you to create a door custom-made to fit your home. No matter the style you choose, a new entry door from Window Nation will give your home a much-needed update.

Energy Efficiency Boost

When you choose replacement entry doors from Window Nation, you can feel comfortable knowing your doors are Energy Star certified, saving you money on your energy bills year-round. We offer both fiberglass and steel entry doors to meet your home’s needs. Our fiberglass doors offer five times more energy efficiency than typical wood doors thanks to its special foam core. Steel entry doors also feature the same polyurethane core in addition to a special bulb and blade sweep, virtually eliminating drafts from your home. All entry doors from Window Nation are tested to ensure they withstand extreme weather conditions, keeping your home protected from intense summer heat and storms.

Added Security

Your front door is the main entrance point into your home, and we understand nothing is more important than protecting your family and valuables from intruders. Our entry doors offer premium security features to keep your home safe. Each style comes with its own special security features, allowing you to choose the best fit for your home. Steel entry doors offer a 20-gauge security plate and a rigid composite lock block for added security. Our fiberglass entry doors also offer a multi-point locking system, adding extra stability and enhanced performance to your door. All Window Nation doors are specially constructed to prevent rust and corrosion build-up for years of worry-free operation.

Ready to Start Your Project?

When you choose Window Nation for your entry door replacement project, you can feel comfortable knowing you’re working with an experienced team who will guide you through the process from start to finish. When you schedule your in-home estimate, our team of exterior design consultants will meet with you to discuss your options and provide you a quote good for up to six months. We also offer Energy Star certified siding and doors to give your home the energy efficiency boost it needs. Schedule your in-home estimate today!

Everyone wants to save money all year round especially for heating or cooling your home. Even though you want to save all year long, it is particularly hard to accomplish during the winter months. Just think about all the heat that you lose from your home every time the door opens. How many times during the day do your kids go in and out? Do they ever just stand in the doorway or just leave the door wide open when they enter? Yeah, I thought so. How about your pets? How often do they need to be let in or let out? Even bringing in the groceries can be problematic when you need to leave the door ajar while your hands are full and you need to get in and out quickly in as few trips as possible. Many of these situations are unavoidable, but having an energy-efficient home is key to lowering your energy costs. To help control costs, you can use these practical energy saving tips in your home this winter:
  • Keep your south-facing curtains open on sunny days
  • Close curtains at night and during cloudy days
  • Dress warmly by bundling up in layers
  • Use lap blankets for the time you spend on the sofa
  • Place throw rugs on cold floors
  • Use ceiling fans clockwise on a low setting for ventilation and airflow
  • Lower your thermostat by 10 degrees at night while you sleep
  • Use flannel sheets and a warm comforter
  • Heat only rooms that are in use
  • Maintain a clean furnace and vents
  • Use a humidifier and houseplants to add moisture to the air
  • Make sure your home is well insulated
  • Use exhaust fans sparingly
  • Use foam weather stripping for your doors
One area of your home that can lose a lot of heat is your windows. You really need energy efficient windows in order to get the most savings all year long as you cool and heat your home. Window Nation may be the answer to your old drafty window problems. We can install new windows any time of year, even when it is freezing outside. When you are ready to stop losing heat from your windows, you can give us a call. A professional installer from Window Nation will put your windows in quickly and without allowing a lot of heat loss during the process. They will be professional and let you know if there are obstacles that might slow the process, such as snow. You won’t need to worry about the caulking or adhesive as they use products that work for every season. And, here’s some great news. More people choose fall and spring to have windows installed, which frees up the experienced installers at Window Nation to get to your window job this winter in an extremely timely fashion. Call today and get your free in-home estimate and professional install to start saving money this winter.

Everyone is talking about being energy efficient. We all know to shut the lights off, turn down the heat and don’t let the water run, but is there other things we can do to keep our energy usage down? Of course there is! Here are five uncommon ways to be more energy efficient.

  1. Install new eco-friendly shower heads. Moving water in any way into your home takes energy. In order to pump it in from a well you need electricity to power the water pump. If you have public water supply, it still takes electricity to move it in and out of your home. Heating that water that you just moved into your home takes even more energy. Using a low pressure shower head will dump less gallons per minute than an older, high pressure model. The lower pressure models of today are manufactured to lessen the amount of water per minute, but still give you a nice refreshing shower.

  2. Install new replacement vinyl windows. Old windows will crack, warp and move over the years. This causes them to move inside their opening in your exterior wall. This creates cracks and holes that allow for heat to escape and cold air to come in. Some window defects can be repaired, but nothing is as sure as replacing your old, cold windows with new, vinyl replacement windows. Learn more about energy efficient windows.

  3. Block your un-used chimney. If you do not use your chimney anymore, blocking it is the way to go. You can call a professional and have them officially cap it off, or you can stuff old blankets or newspapers up in it. Unused chimneys can be an open freeway for cold air to come in and warm air to go outside. Do not block off your chimney, if there’s any chance that you may use it. A good idea is to put a sign on your fireplace or stove that lets everyone know that the chimney is blocked and not able to be used.

  4. Toilet water control. Using less water in your toilet is an easy and effective way to lessen your water usage. Placing a rock or brick in your toilet tank will lessen the amount of water used per flush, but still have enough to have a clean flush.

  5. Shut off your coffee pot. After your coffee is done brewing, shut your machine off. Put your hot coffee in an insulated thermos to keep it hot all day, without the added electricity. If you add hot water to your thermos and let it sit for a few minutes before adding your hot coffee, then your thermos will be preheated and ready to hold your hot coffee for hours to come!

Being more energy efficient doesn’t have to be a big change. Small steps can add up and make a big difference on your energy usage!

Winter isn’t all bad. The white crisp snow is beautiful. Sledding, skiing and snowshoeing can only be done when the weather is cold. Snow days home from school are a great benefit too! Cozy nights inside your home can be life long memories in the making. But, if keeping your home cozy and warm is costing you too much, use these four tips to help save you money this heating season.

New Windows. Windows that are old, damaged or warped will not perform well. They will allow heat to escape outdoors, as well as let cold air in. Stopping these holes in your walls from decreasing the temperature in your house and increasing your utility bills can be as easy as giving the professionals at Window Nation a call. New replacement vinyl windows from Window Nation are custom made to fit your existing needs. They will fit like a glove, perform like a shield and will increase your home’s curb appeal all at the same time! With so many colors and styles to choose from your home will get a makeover, be warmer and cost less to keep it that way!

Seal unwanted openings around your home. Our homes have many places that are open to the outside. Without proper maintenance and care these openings become a prime place for unwanted air exchange. Check all the locations around your home that open up to the outdoors, places like:

  • Chimneys

  • Ventilation

  • Utility entrances (cable, electrical, water etc.)

  • Exterior outlets

  • Exterior light fixtures

  • Plumbing access

  • Basement doors

  • Basement wall cracks and crevices

All of these places and more can be attributing greatly to the amount of your heating bills. Taking the time to repair them by using either caulking or expanding spray foam will aid in keeping your precious warm air inside.

New Doors. Doors are such a high traffic area but they are often overlooked in the search for cold air culprits. The perimeter of doors should be sealed with weather stripping. If your doors weather stripping has been damaged over the years than air is most certainly coming in around it. A new steel or fiberglass door from Window Nation will stop that issue in its tracks. Create a new look with a new exterior door and save money on your heating bills.

Wash in cold only. If your water is heated by an oil fired water heater, than wash your laundry in cold water only. Adding any heat to your water uses your precious supply of oil. Generations of families have been washing in cold water for many many years. Now there are even some laundry detergents that are specifically formulated to clean better in cold water. Why waste your hot water on your clothes when you can save it for your shower?

Keeping your home warm and your heating bill down isn’t impossible. Take the time to heed these four tips and let them assist you so that you can go out and enjoy the winter without worrying about your heating budget.

Windows are a very important part of your home; they give your home personality and allow your home to be filled with light and energy. However, they can also allow for your hard earned money to fly right out of them, if they are older and not energy efficient. Having the right windows installed into your home that are aesthetically pleasing, functional, and energy efficient will increase the curb appeal of your home and save you money in energy costs throughout the entire year.

The experts at Window Nation want to help you understand how windows can really help to save you money and increase the comfort of your home for you and your family.

Benefits of installing energy efficient windows into your home include:

  • Lowering both heating and cooling costs. New ENERGY STAR windows will prevent either cold or warm air from leaving your home, depending on the season. Less energy will be used to heat or cool the home.

  • Making your home more eco-friendly, with new ENERGY STAR windows will also reduce your carbon footprint by minimizing the amount of resources you use to heat and cool your home to a comfortable level.

  • Protection for the most important features of your home. This includes things like paintings and pictures hanging on your wall, your furniture, and flooring. ENERGY STAR windows have a special coating on them that prevent UV light from entering your home and over time damaging the items located within.

  • ENERGY STAR windows allow you to stay more comfortable within your home, no matter what the temperature is outside. The interior panel of ENERGY STAR windows stays warmer than other standard windows, keeping you and your home warmer during the winter. And during the summer they work to reduce the amount of heat allowed into your home, without stopping the light from getting into your home and brightening it up.

Along with being functional and cost saving to your wallet, adding new ENERGY STAR windows can add style and personality to your home. There are many different styles, colors, and types of windows to choose from! For more information on how replacing your home’s windows with the right ENERGY STAR rated windows will benefit you, your home, and your pocket book, contact the pros at Window Nation today!

Not all home improvement projects are created equal. While some are just for your enjoyment, other projects actually pay off in the long run. If you’re wondering what your next home improvement project should be, choose one that has lasting benefits. 

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Here at Window Nation we’re always looking for ways to create a more energy efficient home. To share the knowledge, we’ve put together the top 6 tips to make your home more energy efficient and thus save money on your utility bills and cut down on our resource use.

How To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient 

For more information on energy saving tips as well as our replacement windows, entry doors, or vinyl siding for your home in Virginia, Maryland or Ohio, contact us today!