Throughout our extensive service area of Northeast Ohio, Washington D.C., Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and Northern Virginia, parents are sending their kids back to school, and many frugal parents are taking advantage of tax holidays. What is a tax holiday? It is when state governments drop the taxes on certain purchased goods that have particular significance like back to school gear for families preparing their kids for school. But this tax break is only for a limited time.

If you live in our Maryland service area, we have good news! Tax-free week for 2016 is from August 14-20. That means there is still time for you to take advantage of this discount!

There are some restrictions, however. The Maryland tax week only applies to clothing and footwear. It does not cover school supplies or computers, like in Alabama, Florida, Missouri, New Mexico, South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee. And, qualifying clothing and footwear must be under $100. But, hey! That is still a really good deal, especially if this is the one time of year when you get out and buy clothes for your kids. The more clothing and footwear you buy, the more you’re really going to feel the relief.

School supplies aren’t the only items that get a special tax holiday. Some states drop taxes for hurricane equipment and generators in preparation for the hurricane season. In Louisiana, they have a tax holiday for firearms, ammunition, and hunting supplies to help bolster the fall hunting season; and some states give tax relief for ENERGY STAR items, to help defer the cost of electricity. In fact, February 18-20 of 2017, Maryland will have its next tax free week on these items.

Current ENERGY STAR items that are known to be tax-free during February 13-15, 2017 tax free days are air conditioners, washers and dryers, furnaces, heat pumps, boilers, solar water heaters, standard size refrigerators, dehumidifiers, programmable thermostats, compact fluorescent light bulbs, and LED light bulbs. For a detailed list of qualifying ENERGY STAR products that are eligible for tax exemption, visit

At Window Nation, we have a wide selection of windows that are ENERGY STAR compliant, but the focus of Maryland’s ENERGY STAR tax exemption seems focused on helping to reduce electricity consumption in the state. When it sets its sights on helping families and business reduce their heating and cooling costs, we’ll let you know because that is where Window Nation ENERGY STAR windows shine. Until then, get out there and enjoy the discount for school footwear and clothing, compliments of Uncle Sam! Every little bit counts.

Have you ever experienced smog? It isn’t pleasant, is it? But, for many people, it is just part of living in the city. On some days, it is even necessary for news agencies to put out a smog alert. At a moderate level of 51-100, people who are unusually sensitive to air pollution are advised to consider reducing prolonged or heavy exertion. At a high level of 101-150, it is suggested the people with heart or lung disease, older adults, and children should cut back or reschedule strenuous activities. Does this sound like a good thing? We don’t think so. Carbon footprint aside, CO2 emissions from automobiles are a serious problem in the United States. Here’s a little factoid for you. If each of the 70 million windows–in 3.5 million households–were to install ENERGY STAR qualified windows instead of non-qualified windows, the total annual savings would be 73.5 million therms per year and 1.36 kWh/year, or 3 billion pounds of CO2. The lifetime savings would be an amazing 60 billion pounds of CO2. That is equivalent to removing more than 5.2 million cars from the road for one year. Selling ENERGY STAR qualified windows is just one way the team here at Window Nation works to safeguard our environment and protect our world.

Have you ever been in a power outage? In some areas of the country power outages aren’t an accident, they are scheduled events. For most of us, it isn’t a big deal because we just make the best of it by lighting some candles and spending a little quality time away from the electronics. However, a power outage can be a significant problem for people who require electricity to live or function. Electricity is a resource that comes from other resources. In order to create that electricity, many plants have to burn fossil fuels which increase our dependency on other countries that provide those fuels to us, but you probably already know these facts. Here is something you may not know. If every household in the U.S. replaced their existing double-pane windows with the windows we sell here at Window Nation, the annual savings would be 45.5 billion kWh/year. That is enough to light every household in Washington DC for 94 years. That wasn’t a typo. We’re talking years.

At Window Nation, we’re serious about being green. We’ve passed the years where we were “going green” and are now learning what it means to “be green.” It means recycling as much of the vinyl we use as possible and passing the savings on to you. It means making more energy efficient windows, and passing the savings on to you. It means installing windows in your home that won’t have to be replaced for a very long time. Being green means reducing our company’s impact on our world, and passing the savings on to you. The way we look at it that is a win-win. If you think so too, get plugged in today.

Attention Flyers Fans! Hockey season is upon us. There is nothing quite like the thrill of sitting inside a sea of orange and black, screaming until you’re red in the face (or orange) as players CRASH against the glass. The puck gets loose; an orange and black figure glides like lightning and SLAMS it straight and true into the net. Fans go wild! There’s screaming, there’s jumping, and even the occasional high five. It’s exhilarating. And all that energy helps to keep you warm inside the arena where cold temperatures are needed to maintain the icy playing surface. If you’re planning on watching most of those games at home, hockey season is the best season to start winterizing your home.
Keep the heat in and the cold out:
There are lots of things homeowners can do to keep hard-earned money from drifting out of the house. Insulation can be added, bags of leaves lining the foundation against a thick plastic, or gaps sealed with a caulking gun. And windows can be sealed inside or out with plastic. All these things do help in keeping heat in and cold out, but there is an even more energy-efficient way to help keep heat in. New Windows!
Here are some reasons why new windows from Window Nation are a great idea:
  1. Clearer view: If you have older windows, there’s a good chance they aren’t as clear as they once were. Brand new glass will bring in more light and allow you to enjoy the beauty of your yard, the birds outside your window, or whatever it is you enjoy looking out at. Also, the new windows themselves will add beauty to the inside and outside of your home. And keep in mind; new, clear windows won’t need to be covered in plastic. So you’ll have a crisp, clear view and will save yourself the hours it takes to plastic up all those old windows
  2. Convenience: With brand new windows, gone will be the days of having to prop up a window with a stick. And forget having to use all your strength to raise or lower a window because it doesn’t slide like it used to. New windows will open and close with ease.
  3. Energy Efficient: At Window Nation, we offer energy efficient windows that have the ENERGY STAR® symbol. These are at least twice as efficient as the average window manufactured just ten years ago. They cut your heating and cooling costs, reduce UV damage, and help make your home more comfortable. Our most popular energy-efficient glass options include: Extreme Low- E, Ultra Triple Pane, Ultimate Triple Pane, Solarban 70XL, Super Spacer, and Laminated Glass.
Browse the Window Nation Website and pick out the windows that will be perfect for your home then give us a call for perfect, expert installation.

At Window Nation, we are proud to announce that our main supplier of windows, Soft-Lite, has achieved ENERGY STAR’s “most efficient window” status! This is a new designation that recognizes the most efficient products among those with the ENERGY STAR stamp. The high performance, insulated glass systems from Soft-Lite earned this recognition because they meet the strict criteria necessary, including:

  • NAFS performance grade greater than or equal to 15

  • U-Value less than or equal to .20

  • Attained the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) requirement

  • SHGC value meets or exceeds ENERGY STAR’s regional standards

For more information on Soft-Lite’s recognition, click here to read the full article

As you may already know, ENERGY STAR is the leading company in energy efficient products. Their famous star logo has become the stamp of approval that helps determine whether or not the product you are purchasing is going to use less energy and save you money all while protecting the environment. Replacement windows are a major key in creating an energy efficient home. Windows can either be a source of energy efficiency or energy loss, depending on the make, model and age of your home’s current windows. Did you know that even windows just 10 years old are likely far less energy efficient than models that are being made today?

If you are interested in replacement windows in Cleveland, Baltimore, Washington D.C., or throughout our large service area, please contact Window Nation today! Our line of energy efficient replacement windows – including Soft-Lite windows – combined with our expert window installation team will ensure that your home is more energy efficient. Give us a call to learn more or find a Window Nation store near you!