In spite of the fact that it is a rainy day, you have had the perfect morning. You woke up on time, made the perfect cup of coffee, found the perfect outfit, and even with the humidity in the air your hair is looking great. You head out the door on time and BAM! Water from your roof pours down on you and now you look like a cold drowned rat and your perfect day has become a soggy one! How could this situation have been avoided? The answer is simple, a gutter system for your home that has been installed by the Ohio gutter experts at Window Nation!

Along with keeping you dry when you walk out of your home in the morning, there are many other benefits to having properly installed gutters.

  • Gutters will direct water away from the foundation of your Ohio home. This helps to prevent problems with flooding underneath your home or in the basement.
  • They can help to stop soil erosion and damage to landscaping near your foundation.
  • They slow down wear and tear on exterior doors.
  • Gutters preserve your home’s siding by keeping dirt and debris from splashing up against it.
  • They provide a free water source. Water that runs downs the downspouts can be collected in rain barrels and can be reused to water flower and vegetable gardens.

Whether your Ohio home currently has no gutter systems or has a less than effective gutter system already in place, Window Nation can help. Window Nation is an authorized dealer of the RainPro Design Series gutter system. This system combines a sleek appearance with high function and provides our Ohio customers with what we believe are the highest quality, reliable gutter systems available on the market. RainPro gutters are seamless in design and are created to look like an extension of your home, not just something that was slapped on the outside as an afterthought. Other benefits of the RainPro Design Series gutter system include:

  • RainPro gutters have all the benefits of a 6 inch gutter system (increase water flow) while appearing on your home no larger than 5 inches.
  • The gutters come in a wide variety of designer colors. The color is protected by ScratchGuard™ Paint Finish and has a lifetime warranty.
  • RainPro Gutters are created for your specific Ohio home and are cut to the exact dimensions and are hung with hidden internal gutter hangers. Internal gutter hangers maximize both function (extremely strong) and appearance.
  • RainPro gutters have a wide gutter bottom to help increase water flow capacity.
  • RainPro gutters work well with Leaf Protection systems.
  • The RainPro Design Series gutter system carries the Good Housekeeping’s seal of approval.

Give us a call or visit one of our Ohio showrooms to speak with our professionals and start the process of adding a premium gutter system to your home today!

You would be hard pressed to find anyone who likes being bitten by mosquitoes. At best, you might find some people who say they don't care if they get bitten or not. But they should. Mosquitoes are known spreaders of disease and considered by some to be the most dangerous animal on the planet. In Africa, hundreds of thousand of people die each year from malaria, spread by mosquitoes. The United States has been spared the widespread effects of this frightening virus, but many suffer each year from flu related symptoms brought on by a mosquito spread disease, and many cases of encephalitis can be traced back to mosquitoes. This is not an insect you want biting you. That is why it is important to reduce mosquito populations around your home. One of the ways you can do that is with proper gutters.

Which gutters prevent mosquitoes?

A prime breeding ground for mosquitoes is wet, rotting leaves. If you have wet leave on your lawn, it is not a good idea to leave them there. Mosquitoes will lay their eggs in those leave by the thousands. And, the next time it rains, all of those eggs will hatch.

A typical mosquito will usually travel less than a few hundred yards from where it is hatched. That means those mosquitoes will try to plague you first, if they can. Your goal should always be to make sure you don't have any wet, dying leaves laying around. One popular breeding site for mosquitoes is gutter obstructions. When leaves get washed into your gutters and form a clog, mosquitoes will love you for it.

Window Nation has the solution.

The RainPro Design Series of gutters that Window Nation installs not only effectively channels water away from your home to protect your exterior walls from rot, they also protect your family from mosquitoes. These gutters have a 6" capacity and a wider downspout than other gutter systems, allowing water and debris to flow down and away from your home. That means you'll have fewer, or no, obstructions forming along the water route. With fewer obstructions your exterior walls will be protected from the wetness that causes rot, and your family will have more protection from the mosquitoes that spread disease.

Protect your home and your family with the RainPro Design Series from Window Nation. Get maximum flow with a gutter system that seamlessly matches the design of your home, and come with the Good Housekeeping Seal of approval. There is no better choice for water and mosquito protection.

First a howling blizzard woke us,

Then the rain came down to soak us,

And now before the eye can focus —


~Lilja Rogers

Spring. It is most certainly the season that everyone looks forward to the most, especially after a long cold winter. A time of rebirth and renewal, spring is often referred to as a new start. It can be like watching the earth wake up from a long, cold, winter slumber. The grass begins to come back to life. The trees begin to get fuller and the flowers start to peek up through the grass. Such wonder. It’s time for us to get back outside to start enjoying all the beauty that our yards have to offer.

One of the keys to having a flourishing yard and landscape is water drainage. Nevada is the nation’s driest state, with an average of 9.5 inches and Hawaii is our wettest with 70.3. Most of us sit quite comfortably in-between these two. Rain, spring melt and or winter run off happens quite quickly. One day is cold and dreary and the next the temperature has warmed up just enough to begin the spring thaw.

Amidst the spring thaw the ground seems to be afloat in cold water. You wonder if the grass and plants will just float away. The thirsty earth seems to be drinking it up bit by bit. But, then in April something changes. The April showers hit. We know that ‘April showers bring May flowers’, but sometimes it feels more like April floods will make more mud!

Proper water drainage begins with your gutter system on your house. Yes, it is a system. Your gutters importance goes way beyond just mere a water deflection. A properly designed and maintained gutter system will move water off from your home and redistribute it away from your foundation and into your landscaping system.

Many people think that gutter is an optional item on their home. It really shouldn’t be. A gutter system helps your home and family in many ways:

  • Entrance points are kept drier as people enter and exit your home.

  • Foundations are more stable, as excess water can work its way under your foundation and erode away the dirt.

  • Basements are drier. The rainwater is not saturating the ground and creeping in your foundation walls.

  • Wood rot is decreased. Pushing the water away from the house and all its wood components will decrease the amount of potential wood rot by keeping the wood dry.

Here at Window Nation we offer RainPro gutter. This sleek aluminum seamless gutter is barely noticeable and is very durable. It is available in a variety of designer colors and is protected with an exclusive ScratchGuard Paint finish that comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Water control is crucial for your home. If you are concerned that your gutters will not handle the April showers this spring than its time to let us fix that problem for you.

Living on the East Coast one thing is for certain at one point or another it is going to rain, and it is going to rain a lot. All that rain and moisture can cause damage and wear and tear on your home, especially if it is not collected and diverted away from it. Damages that rainwater can cause to a home include rot, erosion, mold, and mildew issues. The best way to prevent these types of problems is to make sure that gutters and downspouts are installed on your home and that they are properly maintained so that they can do their job.

Clogs are one of the main reasons that cause gutters to not work properly; animal nests, sticks, leaves, ice, and other debris can all stop rainwater from flowing properly in your gutters. If the water cannot move down into your downspouts it will overflow and may seep into your roof area, down exterior walls, and even into the basement. The best way to prevent this is to regularly inspect your gutters, make sure that they are still secure to your home, and clear out any clogs that are found.

Downspouts are an important part of your gutter system; they are what the rainwater travels down from the gutters into. Making sure that the water from the downspouts is directed away from your home and does not pool at the bottom of them is very important. If water starts to pool it can cause damage to your home’s foundation, cause soil erosion, damage the roots of plants, and cause water to pool in your home’s basement.

In order to prevent water from pooling around the exterior of your home there are several things that you can add to the bottom of your downspouts to help direct the water away from your home. One option is to place a rain barrel at the bottom of the downspouts. These barrels will collect the rainwater which your can later use to water your gardens and other landscaping.

Another solution is to place an angled ramp or splash block at the bottom of the downspouts, however this will only prevent water from pooling if your lawn naturally slops down from your home. If your lawn doesn’t slop from your home you may need more than just a splash block. In that case a long flexible hose should be attached to your downspout; this hose will move the water a greater distance from your home.

As you can see gutters and downspouts that collect and direct water away from your home are very important components to making sure that your home and landscaping is kept free of water damage. Take the time today to check your gutter system and make sure that it is free of clogs and working properly!

If your home needs a gutter system installed, contact the professionals at Window Nation today. Our experts will be happy to help you choose which type of system will work best for your home and property, and make sure that it is installed correctly!