Have you ever heard the term “establishing shot?” It is the first camera shot in a movie scene that introduces you to what is about to happen. The camera is fixed on a jib arm and held up above the city, or farm, or whatever the scene will be, and is slowly lowered down. What does this do? It establishes what you, the viewer, are about to see. It lets you know if you’re in the future, the present, or some old western town in the past. If you’re in the Old West it will tell you where the scene is going to take place. Will you start off in a saloon, on a prairie farm, at the site of a Chinese railroad camp–or something more exotic? Besides telling you where the characters are going to be, the establishing shot tells you what time of day it is. If it is early in the morning there is an expectation of a long journey. If it is night, there is a possibility of dangerous events. The establishing shot can tell you volumes about what to expect, and also begin the mystery that is about to unfold. Folks like Spielberg, Coppola, and Cameron use these scenes to create breathtaking worlds we want to live in.
Believe it or not, entry doors have the same effect. They speak volumes about your style and invite the viewer to want to live in this world you’ve created. They are your establishing shot.
What are you establishing? What do you want people to know about you? Are you a little bit country or are you a little bit rock ‘n’ roll? Do you want visitors to see that you are elegant or sophisticated? Then you may want a door with stylized glass in the center. Do you want to appear powerful and strong? Then more wood surface and thin glass borders could do the trick. At Window Nation, we don’t just help you get an entry door that will provide better energy savings, better security, and better rot resistance, we are looking for the perfect door that describes who you are, and complements the theme of your home.
We could go on and on about how our doors are Energy Star compliant and that you’ll save a ton on your energy bills. We could explain the details of our water infiltration testing, how a sprinkle of rain can get around an improperly sealed door, and how our doors and installation prevent your home from being damaged by water; but when it comes right down to it, we earned the 2014 Angie’s List Super Service Award because our customers fall in love with their new entry doors. Our high ratings at Guild Quality and our award for The Best of Houzz are because we give customers the doors that make an impression.
When you’re ready to give your home a facelift, give us a call. At Window Nation, we’re in the business of getting the perfect “establishing shot” and making people happy.

What is the first thing people see when coming to your home? What really makes a lasting impression? There are many steps to a first visit into your home. Here are the major pieces of that first impression that Window Nation can help you with.

Exterior siding. When you describe your home, you usually say what color it is. ‘Oh, it’s the yellow house with white trim.’ Yellow siding is what they are searching. When they arrive they scan the home to be sure that it truly is the yellow one with the white trim. What does your siding look like? Should you really be saying, ‘Oh it’s the yellow house in desperate need of a paint job, with some unfinished and peeling white trim.’? If that’s the case, than you need to upgrade your siding and exterior trim. The exterior of your house has a first and lasting impression. Here at Window Nation we have some of the best options for siding your house. From pre-insulated vinyl panels to superior quality trim and exterior accessories we can help you to not only make your siding beautiful, but all aspects of the outside façade of your home will flow seamlessly!

Front entrance door. After looking for the color/siding of your home, the next questions that a guest will ask is, how do we get inside? Zeroing in on a front door is the next part of their journey to visit you. Is your front door inviting? Or does it look like a door that long ago wore out is usability and welcome? Your front entrance door should be welcoming and warm, there by Inviting people into a safe place. Its color scheme and style should complement, as well as meld with your exterior siding and trim. Our exterior doors easily can be customized to fit your existing exterior color scheme or we can assist you in obtaining one that fits in with your new vinyl siding and trim package from us.

These are just two of the pieces to the puzzle of first impressions. If you want to make a good lasting first impression and start with the first two steps, then contact us today to get moving on making that lasting impression a good one!

Looking to update your home this fall? How about a quick home improvement project that will give your home a fresh new look you can be proud of- a new entry door! The energy efficient home specialists at Window Nation have many different options of entry doors for you to choose from and we can even professionally install them to the exact manufacturer’s specifications. Would you like new front doors with windows? Or maybe a solid color front door that gives your home a fresh new look? Here are just a few great reasons why you should choose entry doors from the pros at Window Nation!

A new entry door from Window Nation will give your home a much needed facelift! With our great color choices, door styles, glass options, (including blinds between the glass!) and different material options, you can pick the new door that best complements your home’s current look. You can choose a color that perfectly matches your home’s exterior or you can make a bold statement with a brightly colored door- it’s your choice! But not matter what you choose, a new entry door from Window Nation will make your home look freshly updated, which can even increase your home’s perceived value!

Our doors are energy efficient! All our entry doors meet or exceed the Energy Star® criteria and will save you money on your heating and cooling bills because they are installed correctly by our Installation Master Certified Installers.

Fiberglass entry doors are more efficient than wood doors and they have an unsurpassed seal between the door and the frame. This seal is designed to keep out the wind and rain that can damage the door and your home’s structure while increasing the energy efficiency.

Steel entry doors are rot-resistant and some of them even carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty*! They also include bulb and blade sweeps, which will virtually eliminate drafts, making your home feel more comfortable, even in the dead of winter.

Many of our door systems include a multi-point locking system, which adds increased stability and security to your door system that resists rust and corrosion for years!

As you can see, choosing a new entry door system from Window Nation offers many benefits for your home. For more energy saving tips for your home and other home improvement projects including French doors, sliding glass doors and windows, contact the pros at Window Nation. We would love to discuss the options available for your home and if you would like, you can visit one of our beautiful showrooms to see for yourself the options available to update your home.

*Limited lifetime warranty will vary by manufacturer and may provide exclusions. Window Nation carries window models from several manufacturers and all warranties are available upon request

Have you been considering making an upgrade to your home? Maybe you’re tired of the same old dusty windows, or you’re looking for something else to improve the look and feel of your Maryland, Ohio, or DC home. Well, the pros at Window Nation would like to make a suggestion: change out those old doors! You know that the weather outside can wreak havoc on the exterior of your home- you repaint the siding regularly to keep your home protected. But what about the front door? Although repainting it is an option, it gets a lot of use, so changing out your front door is a great choice for your next home improvement project! 

What can a new door do for your house? More than you might expect! At Window Nation, we’re proud to be more than just windows- we offer siding as well as door options for your home. But when it comes to doors, not just any old door will do! There are many options for doors inside your home and not just as the entry way to your home! The doors throughout your home could probably use an upgrade and when you see the options at our showroom, you’ll understand what a new door can do for you. 

If you’ve been considering a new door inside your home, the options we have at Window Nation can’t be beat. Our door options include: 

Secure and custom front doors that provide additional insulation from the weather outside 

A gorgeous custom system of French doors to patio areas. 

Sliding glass doors to open onto a new patio or deck that will make a room feel much larger. 

Storm doors with windows to protect against harsh weather, including wind, rain and snow. 

Along with all these options, we can offer many different materials for these doors, including classic wood, fiberglass and even energy efficient steel. You can choose the color of the door to match your home or complement it along with other, more unique options that even include dog door installation! 

The doors you can find at Window Nation are Energy Star® rated (unless otherwise noted), which means that they can help keep your heated air inside during the winter and cooled air inside during the summer, saving you money on your energy bills. For home entry doors with elegant floral designs etched in the glass or a big and solid steel entry door for added security, we have just the right door option to improve your home. 

Window Nation has several showrooms including in Baltimore, DC Metro, and Cleveland. Stop by today to see our door options to help you decide what door is right for your home. If you can’t get to one of our showrooms, give us a call and we’d be happy to talk to you about door options for your home! Don’t wait; the winter will be here before you know it and you’ll have missed the best opportunity to protect your home before the harsh weather of winter arrives!