Why choose vinyl siding, you ask? Well, why not! When it comes to siding the real issues are whether it will stand the test of time. To stand the test of time it needs to weather well by holding its shape and color, and have an ultra-low maintenance plan. Vinyl siding fits the bill on all of the aspects.

Quality vinyl siding, like the siding that we have here at Window Nation, will hold its shape for many years to come. Our vinyl siding is up to five times more rigid than the average vinyl siding. This rigidity enables it to perform at or above all expectations. It will not change shape due to daily temperature fluctuations, nor will it sag. Our vinyl siding has been independently tested to withstand category five hurricane winds. In the unfortunate case where you happen to have a piece of siding damaged, our siding is designed for easy installation and repair of the damaged section.

If color is your thing, than look no further. With 90+ colors in our 11 color collections, there is surely a color for you. Our colors are not a surface color. Our fade resistant color is actually part of the PVC that the siding is made from. It will never need to be scraped, painted or stained. You can even get all your exterior siding accessories to match your new vinyl siding from Window Nation. When your siding and all of your exterior trim, gutters, soffits and accessories are all the same color, than they really finish and complete outside of your home making it look pristine.

Vinyl siding has no maintenance. What a load off your mind as a home owner. You deal with siding once, and once only, when you pick it out and have it installed. All you need is a garden hose to keep your vinyl siding looking clean and brand new!

There’s no doubt why vinyl siding is the most popular choice for siding in new construction or remodeling. Here at Window Nation we sell and install some of the best vinyl siding lines available. Come in to see us about your vinyl siding, and leave with a happy new and improved exterior for your home.

Do you ever wish you could “try on” your next home improvement project before work actually begins? With the help of advanced design programs like the Alside Design Showcase, you can now see what the end result will look like before even opening the toolbox. Previewing your latest improvement lets you be sure you’re confident in the newest adjustment to your humble abode, making a big difference in the decision and willingness to begin such projects.

For homes in need of replacement siding, there's often a bit of fear surrounding such a drastic change. The siding covers the entire home, and even a subtle difference can feel like a lot if you've been looking at the same siding for years. But the truth is: home improvement projects can really help increase the value and energy efficiency of your home.

At Window Nation, we provide vinyl siding and siding accessories to remodel or renovate your home. Vinyl siding is a great choice because it doesn’t split, peel or rot. Also, there is far less maintenance because there is no scraping, staining or painting required. Your home’s siding will remain durable and bright for many years, which is why our replacement experts highly recommend inquiring about vinyl siding for your home.

Worried about such a dramatic change your home’s appearance? There are many color options, allowing you to match the color of your existing siding or go for an entirely new look! In addition to vinyl siding, we offer homeowners a variety of accessories including shutters, gable vents, mounting blocks, moldings and mantels to complete the look and update of your home.

To learn more about siding options for your home in Cleveland, Washington DC, Charlotte or throughout our service area, please contact us at Window Nation today. Our team is dedicated to delivering the highest level of quality and appearance to meet your wants and needs. The seasons are changing, the weather’s (sort of) improving – why not see how vinyl siding can improve the look and value of your home?

Is there a section of your siding that is rotten or broken? Damaged siding can really cause problems for homeowners including water, air, dirt, and pests getting inside of the home. None of these conditions are favorable no matter what time of year it is and leads many to question whether they should repair the damaged siding or have it replaced? Although it may seem easier to just patch the rotten or broken area, this is not going to be the most beneficial solution. The experts in siding at Window Nation would like to share the reasons why replacing damaged siding with vinyl siding is a better option than repairing it.

Eliminate the maintenance work

If you repair your damaged siding this time, it will probably not be the last time. Rotting wood will affect even the sound wood and slowly but surely you will continue to need repairs. Old siding generally requires a lot of work to sand down and refinish in order to help preserve the wood. But with vinyl siding you can avoid that.  In fact the only maintenance you will need to worry about is simply spraying the side of the home with a hose.

Increase your energy savings

A damaged piece of siding will let air flow through your home. In the summer this means that hot air will circulate and in the winter, cold air will flow inside. A home that is not properly sealed off from the outside elements will result in a much higher cost in your energy bill. Both heating and cooling costs will greatly decrease when you opt to go with vinyl siding replacement. Your home will feel much more comfortable in both extremes of summer and winter and your energy bills will go down to boot!

Increase the curb appeal and value of your home

Another advantage of replacing the siding on your home is that you can increase the curb appeal and value of your home. Vinyl siding is made to look like wood but maintains a clean, well-kept look that lasts for years to come. You will be able to watch your neighbors continuously repair their siding while yours looks just as great as day one. There are also many style and color options which means you can change the look of your home or maintain its original beauty with no worry of fading colors.

Clearly, the benefits of siding replacement greatly outweigh the alternative of a siding repair. There is no better time than now to make that investment that will keep your home looking great for years. If you are living in Maryland, DC, Northern Virginia, Charlotte or Cleveland, Window Nation is your expert in siding replacement. Simply contact us today to learn more and to get started on replacing your damaged home’s siding.