What does a ballpark have to do with your windows? You’re about to find out and it’s probably not exactly what you had in mind! Elephant in the room: we are not selling Dunkin’ Donuts Park, but one of the first questions most potential customers ask when shopping for replacement windows is what does the ballpark cost? 

Here at Window Nation, we understand that when it comes to the quality of the products you put in your home, Nutmeggers want the very best. Knowing that we can provide that at a price that won’t break the bank is important to us. That being said, we will do our very best to give you a basic pricing outline. But the answer to the “ballpark” question is somewhat difficult to explain. Think about the last big purchase you made, a potential lifetime investment. For example your Hartford home. 

Do Your Research

Usually, the first step is researching the features and style you want and compiling a list. Some items on the list may be negotiable such as room for a garden in the back yard. Others might be “must-haves”, such as the number of bedrooms or a two-car garage. With so many different styles and options to choose from, prices often vary. Replacement windows and doors are no exception. 

Choose The Right Windows For Your Home

But the truth is, whether we’re talking about your home or your windows these are tough choices you’re going to have to live with. Choices like living in Hartford and supporting the Yankees over the Sox. We’ll forgive you, but you’re on thin ice. So wouldn’t you prefer to do it right the first time AND get all the qualities you’re looking for? At Window Nation, we take pride in our ability to provide every homeowner what we like to call a “good”, “better”, “best” in terms of budget. 

We offer a wide variety of options to choose from, over 1500. This allows us to provide windows to meet your needs and your budget without sacrificing quality because every Window Nation window is custom-made just for your Hartford home. 

So whether you’re looking for the best money can buy or something a little simpler, we’ve got you covered. You may be thinking “they’re just windows, what’s the big deal?” (If you are, careful, your inner T-Town is showing). But when it comes to the windows in your home, they’re just as unique as you are. Understanding that you’ll be looking out of your windows and unlocking your door quite regularly is important. And not just any old window or door will do. The one you choose will be essential to your overall satisfaction with our products. 

We want to ensure maximum satisfaction with minimal maintenance over the lifetime of the product. Windows are typically a one-time investment and there are many factors to take into account when researching and purchasing your windows such as glass options, safety features, durability against reckless Hartford drivers on their phones, and operational mechanisms. Unfortunately, many first-time shoppers focus solely on the initial cost of their home remodeling project and fail to realize the long-term consequences of finding the “cheapest” estimate. 

Cost vs. Value

When buying new windows it’s important to remember the difference between value and cost. For example, UConn is arguably the better value, where UConn Stamford has a much more realistic cost. In many cases, a lower price tag compromises things like the warranty, quality, aesthetic appeal, and lower maintenance. When it comes to pricing a window here are a few items that it’s almost impossible to provide a substantiated estimate without:

  • Window Style
  • Window Interior/Exterior Color
  • Size of the Window
  • Material of the Frame
  • Customizations & Add-Ons
  • Labor Required
  • Existing Window Conditions 

How Do I Get My Quote?

We provide in-home estimates at no cost to every Nutmegger for exactly this reason. Just like a mechanic cannot confidently diagnose a car problem without first looking at the car, as window experts we typically like to come out to the home, sit down with our customers and take a look at the project before determining the cost. Of course, there is no obligation to buy at the time of the appointment and once the Window Nation design specialist gives you an estimate in writing, it’s good for 60 days. 

As you can see, we like to be extremely thorough and it certainly reflects in the quality of work we produce. Like the difference between pizza and apizza in Connecticut (it’s so much more than just the “a”). We want to be sure that our customers are educated on the relevance of each detail leading to the overall success of their project. And if you need to buy high quality windows for your Hartford home, contact Window Nation today to get a free quote.

As consumers we always want to know the bottom line up front. When we are shopping, we try to be savvy and only look at items in our price range. I mean, who goes to the BMW dealership with an economy car budget? It’s just silly and tempting to look at something that you know is not for you. It’s frustrating for us when we don’t understand price ranges on products, especially products that we need and are a substantial financial investment.

Before buying a house or car we research markets to get price ranges and a general idea on what can be bought for just what price. Then we educate ourselves with every piece of information that we can get pertaining to our need. Replacing the windows in your home is also an important purchase. Often, it’s hard to know exactly what price range certain windows are. Whether it’s a difference in style, brand or size it, they can all make a difference. Many people ask for a ‘round’ figure. Well, in the world of replacement windows a round figure, just like a ‘standard’ size window doesn’t really exist.

Replacement windows come in many different shapes, sizes, styles, and color and glass options. You can keep the same traditional look that you have, or swap it up and add a new color or glass style. Here at Window Nation we sell and install some of this nation’s leading brands of replacement windows. These replacement windows are truly made custom to your specifications, so it is nearly impossible to give you a ‘round’ number for price.

We strongly suggest that anyone who is considering replacing their windows, to schedule a free home visit and evaluation. This visit will allow one of our window professionals to spend time at the actual home to discuss the clients’ window needs and desires. Our friendly and courteous professionals will take measurements and discuss options with the potential clients; getting as much information as possible so that we can give an accurate quote for window replacement. We strive to provide all our customers with a ‘good, better and best’ scenario of choices for potential window replacement.

There is no such thing as a standard window anymore, which means that there is no such thing as a standard price. Replacement windows by nature, and design as completely custom, or at least they should be to ensure a perfect fit into your existing window openings. Here at Window Nation we know that the window world can be foreign to the majority of the general public so we pledge to help all of our clients and potential clients to better understand the need for replacement windows that fit not only in your home, but in your budget. Contact us today for your free in home visit and consultation.