Are you thinking about getting window replacements for your home? If you are, spring is the perfect time to get that project done. Let’s go through the pros and cons and see if a spring installation is right for you.

It’s Spring!

The number one reason to get windows done in spring is the weather. If you have windows that don’t open, how are you going to let in all that fresh spring air? If you have windows that are broken or dimmed by years of moisture damage, how are you going to watch your yard come to life?


The larger the window project, the more you’re going to notice the benefits of having your window replacement done in the spring. When unconditioned air comes into your home, it can make things uncomfortable. While we work hard to prevent any discomfort during the installation process no matter what season it is, it is a lot easier when it isn’t too cold or too hot.


Why not get windows in fall? The temperatures of fall are the same as spring. But it tends to be rainier in fall, and that can make your installation take longer. Spring is best because the days are often drier for longer stretches. You can get an installation done any time of the year, but spring is just more ideal.

Longer Days

Spring and summer days are longer, and that can help make your replacement project shorter. The longer our specialists can work in a single day, the less they have to prep and break things down.

There Is a Downside to Spring Window Replacement

Since spring is the best time to get a window replacement, it is the season when most people get their windows replaced. Makes sense, right? That means we’re really busy in spring, and there can be a wait time to get your windows installed. So the earlier you schedule your window replacement project, the better.

You can get your windows replaced any time of the year, and our certified window installers will make sure it is as smooth a process as possible, but there is no doubt that spring has some advantages. If you want the fastest installation with little or no climate change within your home, spring is the perfect time to get it done. And when you get your windows done in spring, you get to enjoy all the benefits those windows will give you through summer. Schedule your free in-house estimate and start your spring project today!

Spring is in the air across the U.S., and the Cherry Blossoms are blooming in Washington D.C. &  Maryland. That means it is time for you to break out your to-do list that has been tucked away in a drawer all winter in hopes of crossing off a few things. When you look over your tattered and torn list, you realize that it has grown exponentially, and you turn it this way and that hoping that some of those items will simply fall off. But, now that spring has arrived, you are renewed and rejuvenated and aim to tackle that list once again in hopes of eliminating it completely this time.

Did you ever notice that certain chores seem to remain on that list year in and year out because you are dreading the job or because you simply don’t know how to accomplish it? Take #1 for example-Replace those old drafty windows. That has been on the top of the list for over five years! Why? Well, because you don’t know where to begin, is why! Cross #1 right off that list this year with a visit from Window Nation.

Here at Window Nation, we have a wide assortment of replacement window styles, materials, and colors for you to choose from and our exterior design consultants are ready to walk you through the process.

As we begin opening up our homes in the spring, our basements can feel particularly dank and dingy and in need of some fresh air. Which makes spring the ideal time to consider replacing your basement windows with a goal to make venting and fresh air an easier possibility. Get that tight seal and energy efficiency through the hot and cold months, and the convenience of a vented style when it’s time to air things out.

When considering basement window replacement, homeowners have a variety of options with vent windows. Whether you choose a traditional hopper window style, an awning window, or casement windows, we have many styles to choose from and they come in vinyl, fiberglass, and wood to fit any décor. Our vent windows are the most energy-efficient style choice and are engineered with durability, reliability, and ease of use in mind.

These windows seal so tightly that air and water stay on the outside, and they come with a multi-point lock system to keep you and yours safe.

Our vent windows are ENERGY STAR ® qualified and are available with Low-E glass systems – with five different Low-E and inert gas options to choose from for state-of-the-art energy efficiency. They come with the option of contoured internal grids for beauty or etched and V-grooved glass patterns for elegance and character. With 26 colors to choose from, these great vented window options will fit any home and any style.

If you want to cross #1 off from your to-do list this spring, turn to the window specialists at Window Nation. They will make that chore seemingly effortless and easy on your pocketbook. Click here for an easy in-home or virtual free estimate or schedule an appointment at one of our local showrooms to learn how we can help you accomplish that dreaded job and shrink your to-do list this spring.

Spring is officially a day away! What better way to celebrate than with a good spring clean! It’s time to rejuvenate your home. Let in some fresh air. Put away those winter clothes and say goodbye to snow. This is an exciting time of year, especially after a long winter. As the temperatures start to warm up, you can snow shovel for a garden shovel. Now’s the time, before the craziness of summer, to come out of hibernation and clean out your home. Take this time to reorganize your space, donate some items you no longer need and get your home back in shape for a fun spring and summer season.

Here are 5 tips to get you started on your spring cleaning spree:

  1. Wash those windows! It’s time to let the light in. Giving your windows a good wipe down is a great way to start your spring cleaning. While you clean them, you can let in some fresh air. Use a rubber edged squeegee to prevent streaks and let in the best amount of light.
  2. Deep clean your rugs! Rent or buy a rug shampooer to give your rugs a much needed deep clean. This is especially nice after the whole family has been stuck inside for months. You may be surprised at how much dirt is hidden away in your rug (especially if you have pets).
  3. Clean out your refrigerator! It’s time to take everything out of your refrigerator and wipe down the shelves. Rotate old and new items and check expiration dates. This may be a good time to start labeling leftovers so everyone knows when it was made.
  4. Organize your cleaning supplies and closet. This will set you up for success in your everyday cleaning routine. Have a bucket ready with weekly cleaning supplies ready to use. Use hooks and spring loaded clips to hook brooms and mops to the wall in your broom closet. Also, hang common tools within reach, like a hammer, flashlight and screwdriver.
  5. Organize your entryway for your family’s practical use. Make a common place to hang keys. Have a place to set the mail as well as a spot for boots and shoes. Bring out the spring attire and prepare for mud season.

These tips are just to help you get started. Spring cleaning should be customized to your home and family’s needs. Keep it fun and have the whole family pitch in and help.

Spring is FINALLY getting close. Seems we have all endured a long, cold winter. Looking outside and seeing the sun shining brightly is a welcomed sight. We want the outdoors to look like spring has already sprung. We start spring cleaning our house and opening up the windows to let the fresh air in and the stale winter air out. Adding some spring to your windows will really help welcome in this wondrous season. Here are our favorite ideas to do just that.

Clean those windows! Clean windows are more than just clean glass. Cleaning your glass is one step to a squeaky, clean window. Open your windows up and clean the inside of the jamb, and the interior trim. Your insect screen can be easily cleaned by vacuuming it with a dusting attachment on your vacuum and then wiping them down with a damp cloth. Polish your window locks and hardware with a damp cloth to get rid of that winter dust. When spring truly gets here, you will want to be able to see it through clean, crystal clear glass in a nice and clean setting.

Replace drab winter window treatments with bright or pastel flowered curtains. Reflecting inside all that Mother Nature is doing outside will truly spring up your windows. Take down those insulated drab window coverings and replace them with flowing, airy curtains that easily move with the air. Aim for colors or patterns that compliment all the changes happening outside your window.

Add a window bird feeder or place a bird feeder in front of your window. Nothing says spring like the chirping of birds. Watching them hop around your windows, to and fro, is sure to put a spring in your step.

Place house plants on your window sills. Spring is the time of renewal for plants, flowers and trees. Placing some house plants on your window sill is a great way to bring that feel of renewal into your home.

Add some colorful sun catchers to your windows. Sun catchers come in countless shapes, sizes and colors. These fun shaped window accessories are not only pretty, but they reflect that gorgeous spring sun as it shines in. You can even buy kits and make your own sun catcher to make it more personal.

Windows are a big part of our spring time experience. If your windows are not in the best of condition and no amount of cleaning, repair or decorating can make them better, give us a call here at Window Nation. We offer some of the top name brand windows in the country. We can replace your old windows with new, energy efficient vinyl replacement windows and have them done in time for you to enjoy spring! Contact us today!

Spring is a great time for a fresh start in your home. The temperatures are starting to warm up. You can let in some nice, fresh air. Clean out your closets, attics and basements. Prepare the summer gear and get ready to enjoy a beautiful summer. As you look around your home and make a list of things to clean, it may start to seem a little daunting. Do not panic. Take your time and go at a speed you can reasonably fit into your schedule. Do one room a week, if you need to. Make your list as thorough as you want to or as short as you need to. The whole point of spring cleaning is to give you and your home a fresh start. It should be an enjoyable event for you and your family.

Maybe even this year you are so excited to see spring around the corner that you can’t wait! You have to start your spring cleaning now. Here are a few tips for you early bird cleaners ready to jump in and get organized and clean.

  1. Clean Walls: Giving your painted walls a good wipe down can really make a difference. It may even surprise you how dirty they were in the first place. This is especially great in entry ways were dirt is frequently brought in.

  2. Clean Carpets: Here is your chance to rent one of those rug cleaning machines. Taking the time to really clean your carpets all the way through can make such a difference in your home. It may even help to eliminate some carpet odors for pets.

  3. Organize Attics and Basements: When it is still a little too chilly out to start any outdoors cleaning, it is a great time to work away at organizing and cleaning your attic or basement areas. Go through old boxes. Maybe eliminate a few items. Take your time and organize these spaces to gain better access to items all year.

  4. Rearrange Furniture: If you start your spring cleaning early, it is a great time to rearrange furniture in your home. This can make a room feel like a completely different area. If you start early, you have time to settle in and see if the new layout works or you can change it around again.

  5. Prepare for Mud Season: Starting your cleaning before spring means that you have time to prepare for spring. Bring out the mud boots and the boot placemat. Put up the signs about taking off your shoes at the door. Get the rain jackets and umbrellas out. Preparing for the muddy season can save you a lot of cleaning time in the middle of all the rain and mud.

Remember that spring cleaning is supposed to be fun and helpful for you and your family. So take your time and enjoy this fresh start.

What is it about spring that makes us all jump into home improvement projects? It must have to do with the spring fever that hits after a long winter. And since the official start to spring is just around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about which home improvements you want to tackle in your home. Need a few ideas? Well, you came to the right place!

Replace old windows

Now that you can stand to even open a window without cold air blowing through the home, its the time when many homeowners finally say, ‘enough is enough’ with the drafty windows. And this is said for good reason. Not only are drafty windows a pain to deal with year after year, but they are very wasteful to our fuel and electricity bills. A drafty window literally lets your hard earned money blow right outside. If you’re tired of being too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer, it may be time to invest in energy efficient replacement windows!

Install new doors

Just like replacement windows, the thought of taking a door off the hinges during the winter might seem a little whacky (although our professionals certainly can do it!). With a nice spring breeze blowing through the front door, you might be thinking that now is the perfect time to replace the entry door system, or maybe even have a sliding door or french doors installed going out to the porch or patio. If its on your mind, now is the perfect time to give us a call so we can help you find the perfect replacement doors for your home!

Replace hard to maintain siding

Vinyl siding is becoming increasingly popular because of how easy it is to maintain. If you have wood siding on your home now then you are aware of the tedious task of scraping and staining that must occur in order to upkeep the look of your home’s siding. But thanks to new vinyl siding options, you can cross all that work right off your spring to do list. Vinyl siding only requires a good splash of the hose and no painting or scraping. Sound more like your style? We’ve got you covered!

For all of your home’s replacement projects, give us a call at Window Nation! Serving Maryland, Virginia, DC and Ohio.