The apparent shifting of weather conditions combined with the increase of utility expenses has caused homeowners to become more conscience of energy efficiency than any other time. While there are always a few energy saving tips that can be implemented, it has been established that one of the greatest contributing factors of heat loss is in and around the windows of your home.

Many homeowners have turned to replacement windows as a means of establishing a more energy efficient home. Window Nation, leading window replacement specialists, excels in energy efficient windows with their Super Spacer energy efficient glass. There is no other window on the market today that can compete with the advantages of Super Spacer, a state of the art insulating and energy efficient glass system.

Thermoset Spacer (TSS®) technology was implemented in the constructing of Super Spacer windows. With this technology, you are ensured that the spacer will not expand or contract due to extreme weather changes. This allows the spacers to maintain their structural integrity by always returning to their original shape. With a multi-layer vapor barrier and acrylic adhesive, you will be able to enjoy comfortable humidity levels and no longer have to be concerned with mold and condensation.

How is this possible? Metal is a conductive material that allows heat to travel through and escape to the outside. There are no conductive type materials used in the construction of Super Spacers. Instead, 100% polymer structural foam is used to assure you of minimal heat loss and superior energy efficiency. There are no other window spacers available today that can boast of this advantage. These Energy Star rated windows are extremely durable and gives you the comfort of knowing your windows will remain thermally efficient and free from condensation for many years to come.

Window Nation is able to provide homeowners with this peace of mind through the rigorous testing of each Super Spacer Window. This durability test, referred to as the P-1 test, is one that most windows offered today could never survive. In this exhaustive test, Super Spacer® withstands 140°F/60°C temperatures and 95 – 100% humidity levels. The windows are also exposed to a constant UV bombardment. Most engineers label this test as the toughest accelerated aging and durability test throughout the world.

It has been estimated that one week spent in a P-1 chamber is the equivalent of one year of exposure to the elements. All Super Spacer products are tested for a minimum of 60 weeks in the P-1 chamber. Window Nation’s premium products are subjected to up to 125 weeks of testing.

As you can see, Super Spacer’s highly technological construction and durability testing means that you will enjoy thermally-efficient and condensation-free windows for many years to come.

As our world shifts to energy savings and energy efficiency, home improvement can get a little confusing. Especially for windows because they look the same so many wonder, how are they any different from other types of window and what advantage is there in replacing windows? Well aside from lowered heating and cooling bills, there is a technology piece that plays a big role in how energy efficient windows work. To help clarify the way window technology works these days, the window pros at Window Nation have a breakdown of some efficiency features to keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Glass coating

For energy efficient windows, a Low-emissivity glass also known as Low-E glass is used to help block the rays of the sun (90% in fact) and keep the heat inside when it’s cold and outside when it’s hot. There are also many glazing options, which include tints, gas fills, and reflective coatings. Again, these are all used to help save you on your heating and cooling costs.

Spacer systems

To help keep your windows thermally-efficient and condensation free, 100% polymer structural foam is used instead of metal as a window insulation. Window Nation uses the Super Spacer® which lowers the U value or the rate of heat loss by .01. The lower the U value, the greater the efficiency of the window.

Window technology

Some of the latest technologies to windows are multiple panes of glass and the use of gas. Double paned and triple paned glass increase the blocking of UV rays. With a triple paned glass window, up to 97% of the UV rays will be blocked and this will keep you more comfortable year round and also prevent fading of fabrics, flooring and other belongings. Another great technology to energy efficient windows is filling the space between the insulated glass with Krypton gas to further reduce heat transfer.

Windows can be like a thermal hole if they are not equipped with the proper glass, coatings, and spacers. Some estimate that one third of the money spent on heating and air conditioning literally go right out the window. But with the many new technologies to energy efficient windows, all you have to do is worry about getting the old windows replaced! You can be sure that you will start saving money and have a more energy efficient home as a whole.

For for more information on energy efficient glass and replacement windows in Cleveland, Baltimore, D.C., or Charlotte, contact Window Nation today! Now is the perfect time to get started on your energy savings.