Our name may be Window Nation, but did you know that along with supplying our customers with energy efficient windows we are also the go to for doors, siding, and accessories?  At Window Nation we take pride in providing our customers with the highest quality products to ensure maximum comfort and energy-saving efficiency throughout your entire home.   We also take pride in working together with our customers to ensure that the needs of their home, style, and wallet are all met!
At Window Nation we understand how big of a commitment it is to purchase and install windows, doors, and siding for your home.  There are so many choices and decisions to make that may sometimes seem overwhelming, but do not fear.  We are here to help guide you from the very first step to the last.  When you work with Window Nation you can be sure that the end result will be satisfaction.  You, the customer, are our top priority! This is why we have come up with an incredible and easy program to help; that’s right, did you know that Window Nation offers a referral program?
With Window Nation’s referral program you can earn money back on your purchase and your friends and family can have the peace of mind knowing that they got a great deal on windows, doors, and other products from Window Nation.  They, too, can experience the same high quality products and services, expertise, and satisfaction that you did – and you can be rewarded for it! So, how does this program work you ask?  Well, let us assure you it is super easy!  Just fill out a quick and easy form and for every person that you refer who becomes a customer and makes a purchase, you can earn a rebate check for up to $150.00! How much simpler can it get?
For more information about Window Nation and our windows, doors, and siding that can be installed into a new home or current home contact us today!  Our professionals are happy to speak with you and determine which products will work best for your home, family, and budget; and don’t forget to ask us for all the details about our referral program!

In this age of YouTube videos and Home Improvement television you may be tempted to say, “I can do that!” After all, the folks on HGTV make it look easy, don’t they? But, before you buy yourself some power tools and get out the #2 pencil, you may want to ask yourself a few quick questions.

Will it be seen? Before you decide to tackle that job, you need to decide if you have the skill set to get it done right, and whether or not it matters if it is done right. Building some shelves in the closet is probably not a big deal, most people won’t see those anyway, but if you’re looking at installing replacement windows or entry doors, you may want to consider getting a professional to make the end result match up with your expectations.

Will it cost me more to do it myself? Many home improvement jobs require skills and expertise. You may know how to use a jig saw, but do you know how to use it like a pro? If you cut wrong, measure wrong or finish wrong, you could end up with undesirable results. It can end up costing you more to get it fixed than it would have cost for the pros to do it from the beginning.

Do I have the expertise? There are some jobs you can do yourself and save some money. Most people can figure out how to paint some walls properly, but most home improvement projects require experience and the proper tools to do it right. If you don’t know whether or not you can tackle a project, ask a professional at your local hardware store. If they raise their eyebrow when you explain what you intend to do, you might want to rethink doing it yourself.

Could this cost me money over time? Some projects end up costing you thousands over a long period of time. If the job could allow heat to leak out of your home or the cold to get in, you might want to make sure it is done right. This is especially important when dealing with window or door installations.

Can I hurt myself? About 170,000 people go to the hospital every year because of ladder-related issues alone. When you consider collapses due to improper handling of load bearing walls, tool malfunctions, electrical shorts, and other unexpected disasters, this number becomes significantly higher. All it takes is one mistake and you could be paying out thousands in hospital bills.

Before you tackle your next door or window installation, talk to a professional and see if you’re really saving yourself money by doing it yourself. Plus, isn’t your life busy enough? Leave the installations to the professionals at Window Nation. In the long run, you’ll be glad you did.

Busy, busy, busy! Everyone is so busy. Who has time to do house maintenance? Not me. Scraping, washing, sanding and recoating wood siding is not in my schedule, let alone part of my skill set. How about those old windows that stick and are cracked and leaky? I certainly don’t have time to do anything about those! Maintenance is something that most of us don’t have to do. We buy maintenance plans for our appliances, vehicles and other things, but just what do we do about our homes?

The three biggest maintenance issues for homes are siding, doors and windows. These areas are crucial to your home’s energy efficiency and curb appeal. If any of them are not performing correctly or are an eye sore than it effects your whole home.

Siding is aesthetically like the frosting on top of a cake. The style and color of your siding is a center point of your homes’ curb appeal. Quality vinyl siding covers your home with beautiful color. Available in tons of colors and styles, your home’s siding will surely reflect you. Maintenance is not an issue with quality vinyl siding from us here at Window Nation. Our vinyl siding does not need to be sanded, scraped or repainted, EVER! Virtually maintenance free, vinyl siding is most assuredly the way to go.

You may not think of doors as a maintenance issue at first, but if they become scratched, dented or need to be refinished they certainly are a maintenance problem and are ugly. This is not exactly the impression you want to give people when they enter your house. Wood doors need a regularly scheduled maintenance of refinishing. This, just like wood siding, means that your door will need to be sanded, scraped, washed and recoated. Yet again a process that takes time and specific skills. Here at Window Nation we know that time is of essence, so we offer a huge selection of steel and fiberglass doors. Available in all the popular styles, such as:

  • French doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Entry doors
  • Storm doors

Both steel and fiberglass doors have a minimal maintenance schedule when finished per manufacturer’s recommendations. These extremely efficient doors will also help pad your wallet because they will out preform an old leaky door in both energy efficiency and keeping insects outside.

Wood, aluminum or sub-par vinyl windows have maintenance written all over them! They all require an annual maintenance. Some need intense repair, some need painting and some just plain ole’ gotta go.

Our vinyl windows come in hundreds of styles, color and combinations to meet your needs. Each vinyl replacement window is custom manufactured to meet your requirements. These high quality vinyl windows will never need to be repainted, EVER.

Life in the 21st century is busy enough. Why add more to it than you have to? Replace your windows, doors and siding with the low-low-low maintenance products from the experts here at Window Nation!