There’s no sugarcoating it: home improvement projects can be costly. For some homeowners, it might require months of budgeting and saving for their project to turn their house into the home of their dreams. Before starting your project, consider what you’re looking to get out of the project. Are you looking for a small upgrade to give your home a quick refresh, or are you looking to make a major change to your home’s layout? No matter the project you choose, it’s important to be aware of the potential cost of your project to ensure the price is within your budget. So how should you create the budget for your project? Our home improvement experts are here to help.

Determine Your Goals

Before creating a budget, it’s important to consider your goals for your project: are you looking to boost your home’s curb appeal? Lower your energy bills? Expand your living space? Keep in mind the larger the goal, the higher the cost. Some projects may seem small on paper, but they could require major changes to your home’s layout that increase the costs. For example, you might want to knock down a wall in your kitchen to open your living space, but that could require changes to your plumbing and electric.

To keep costs low, consider smaller renovation projects instead of major remodeling projects. Upgrading your tub or kitchen appliances might be better than remodeling your entire bathroom or kitchen. You might also consider breaking up your projects into smaller, more manageable projects – for example, if you’re looking to replace your windows, consider replacing a few at a time instead of replacing all the windows in your home at once. You’ll ease the burden on your wallet while still achieving your home improvement goals.

Do Your Research


Research is key before starting your project. Be sure to consider all options for your project before making any final decisions. Keep an open mind when looking at all the options for your project: while you might love the look of wood windows, you might find vinyl windows are a better fit for your home. Some materials are also more expensive than others. If you’re looking to keep costs low, consider using cost-efficient materials instead of high-end materials that will cause the price of your project to increase.

Return on Investment

Return on investment, or ROI, is key to the decision-making process. Be sure to look at the potential return for all the projects you’re considering, particularly if you’re looking to put your home on the market. While the cost of your project might seem high, you may be able to recoup some of the money you spent when it comes time to sell your home. Garage door replacement, vinyl window replacement, and vinyl siding replacement offer some of the highest return on investment at 94%, 72%, and 75% respectively. Most remodels, however, offer significantly lower returns, averaging just 55% return on investment.

Get Quotes

Once you’ve identified the best project for your home, it’s important to get quotes from licensed contractors get an idea of how much your project will cost. Experts recommend getting three quotes for your project to get an idea of how much you will be spending. While the cost may seem high at first, many companies offer attractive promotions and financing offers to help lower the cost of your project. In order to get the best deal, we recommend starting your project during an off-peak time, as many companies offer major deals to generate more business. For most companies, summer and winter are the best times to buy, as demand increases in the spring and fall.

When collecting quotes, it’s important to note that the company with lowest price might not be the best fit for your project. Though the price might be a better fit for your budget, it might result in a lower quality product, poor installation, or spotty customer service.

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When you’re ready to start your home improvement project, schedule an estimate with one of our exterior design consultants. Our team will discuss your project with you and go over your options so you can find the best windows, doors, and siding for your home. You’ll then receive a quote good for up to six months. Schedule your in-home estimate today at

Is it time to consider replacing the windows in your home? If you’re looking for new windows for your home, you know shopping for replacement windows can be daunting. However, if your current windows are old and outdated, it’s time to have them replaced. Replacement windows offer many benefits to your home, giving your exterior a fresh new look while also boosting your home’s energy efficiency, helping you save money in the long run. Modern replacement windows can be customized to meet your home’s needs; however, with so many options, how do you know what windows are best for you? Our team of window replacement experts at Window Nation is here to help.

How Do I Know it’s Time to Replace My Windows?

First things first, you need to determine if your windows need to be replaced. For some homeowners, it’s obvious: your windows are warped, damaged, or broken and cannot be easily repaired. However, it might not be as clear cut for other homeowners. Consider how long you’ve lived in your home: if you’ve lived in your home for more than fifteen years and the windows haven’t been upgraded, it might be time to replace them. We recommend walking around your home and inspecting your windows, taking note of any drafts and condensation between the panes. These are signs your windows have lost their energy efficiency, causing your home’s energy consumption to skyrocket. Replacement windows will boost your home’s energy efficiency, helping you save money on your energy bills all year long.

Energy Efficiency

If you’re looking to boost your home’s energy efficiency, replacement windows are one of the best places to start. Replacement windows from Window Nation are equipped with premium energy efficiency features to help you save money on your energy bills for years to come. Choose between wood and vinyl windows, each available with double pane and triple pane glass to boost your home’s energy efficiency. Each window comes standard with a Low-E glass coating and top-of-the-line spacer systems to keep your home comfortable year-round. All Window Nation replacement windows are Energy Star certified, making your home more energy efficient for years to come.

Style and Color Options

Replacement windows can give your home a fresh new look. Available in a variety of style and color options, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect fit for your home. Our replacement windows are available in eight styles, each custom-built to meet your home’s needs. We offer hundreds of interior and exterior color options to complement your home. You can also customize your windows with add-ons including grids and glass patterns to create the windows of your dreams.


Let’s face it: no one wants to spend their time cleaning and repairing their windows. Replacement windows from Window Nation are low maintenance, keeping cleaning and repairs to a minimum. Our vinyl windows can be cleaned using just warm, soapy water and a sponge. Our replacement windows are also equipped with FlexScreen window screens, allowing for easy cleaning. Should your windows need repairs, your windows will be backed by a lifetime warranty and dedicated customer service team. Your windows will be good as new before you know it!


One of the most important factors to consider when buying your windows is safety. It’s important to have strong, durable windows to keep your home protected against storms or intruders. Our replacement windows are built using the highest quality materials, keeping your home protected against the elements. All our windows are equipped with safety latches that lock from the inside to give you added peace of mind.

Want to Learn More About our Replacement Windows?

When you’re ready to start your window replacement project, schedule an estimate with one of our exterior design consultants. Our team will discuss your project with you and go over your options so you can find the best windows, doors, and siding for your home. You’ll then receive a quote good for up to six months. Schedule your in-home estimate today at

Most homeowners look to replace their windows in the Fall to keep their home warm in the winter; however, replacement windows also offer benefits to your home in the summer. Energy usage often spikes during the summer months because your air conditioner is working harder to keep your home cool. Small changes, like installing a programmable thermostat and using ceiling fans to keep temperatures cool offer temporary solutions; however, consider replacing your windows for a more long-term solution. No matter the season, replacement windows will keep your home comfortable year-round.

Why Replace Your Windows in the Summer?

Summer is a perfect time to replace your old, drafty windows with energy efficient windows. Modern windows offer premium energy efficient features to keep the cool air inside your home. Choose from energy efficient vinyl or wood windows, each available in a variety of glass options to keep your home well-insulated. Older windows often come standard with single-pane glass, leaving your home poorly insulated. Consider upgrading to double pane or triple pane glass for better energy efficiency. For the best value, we recommend double pane windows with two panes of glass to keep your home comfortable year-round. However, if you’re looking for maximum energy efficiency, consider triple pane glass which has three panes of glass, blocking 90% of harmful UV rays.

Our window glass is also coated in two layers of Low-E silver oxide coatings for maximum energy efficiency. No matter the style you choose, all Window Nation windows are Energy Star certified, keeping your energy bills low no matter the season.

How will Replacement Windows Help My Home?

Your air conditioner works overtime in the summer to keep your home cool – installing replacement windows will eliminate drafts, keeping the cool air from your air conditioner inside your home. While you may enjoy the cool air in the moment, consider the impact on your energy bills. Cooling costs significantly increase in the summer, causing your energy bills to skyrocket. Replacement windows will boost your home’s energy efficiency by eliminating drafts and protecting your home from damaging UV rays.

The benefits extend further than simply eliminating drafts. Let your air conditioner rest on cool summer nights and open your windows – you’ll appreciate the difference turning your AC off for just a few hours will make. Be sure to keep your window coverings closed during the day to prevent the cool air from escaping.

Ready to Start a Home Improvement Project this Summer?

Get relief from the summer heat by replacing your old, drafty windows with modern replacement windows from Window Nation. You’ll enjoy energy efficient benefits that extend beyond the summer months. If you’re looking for a total home makeover, we offer replacement siding and doors to keep your home insulated year-round. All our products are Energy Star certified, so you can feel comfortable knowing you’re saving money on your energy bills for years to come.

If you’re ready to start your home improvement project, schedule an in-home estimate today. Our team will meet with you to discuss your project, providing a quote good for up to six months. To learn more about our energy efficient replacement windows and to schedule your appointment, visit

GLEN BURNIE, MD (October 15, 2015) – Window Nation, one of the country’s leading replacement window companies, is now ranked a top 10 company for home improvement and home remodeling, according to a recent study via Remodeling magazine.

The list is comprised of the top 550 largest home improvement companies in the nation and ranks the companies based upon achieved operational and financial excellence. Dubbed The Remodeling 550, the publication focuses on four areas: 325 full-service companies, 150 replacement contractors, 20 insurance restoration firms and 55 franchises.  

“Over the years we have continued to work our way up the list and have done whatever we can internally to try and improve and earn a top spot for our customers,” explains Harley Magden, co-founder and owner of Window Nation. “Achieving recognition in the top 10 is a big win for us; although we won’t stop until we’re at number one!”

As a replacement contractor, Window Nation’s total revenues increased 8.4% this year. In 2013 Window Nation was ranked 12th on the list and 11th just last year.

Magden, who founded Window Nation in 2006 with his brother, Aaron, cites their commitment to over delivering on customer service as the main driver for the company’s continued recognition and growth. “We genuinely obsess over customer satisfaction,” explains Magden. “Without happy customers, there’s simply no business. Right now, our satisfaction is within the 90 to 97 percent range based on 15,000 customer surveys. But it’s not 100, so we will continue to learn and evolve from our mistakes until we are.” 

The residential remodeling revenue data for the list is gathered from a web-based survey developed by Remodeling. The data is compiled and ranked, which is how the list came to be. The full list this year is divided into easy to read sub-categories and can be viewed at

About Window Nation:

Window Nation was started in 2006 by two brothers who literally grew up in the window business, learning about home improvement, customer care and the difference a quality window can make.  The company provides an unsurpassed selection of premium windows, doors and siding installed by highly skilled, licensed professionals. The company has replaced over 225,000 windows in Maryland, Washington, D.C., northern Virginia, Philadelphia and northeast Ohio. Learn more at

About Remodeling:

Remodeling provides the indispensable business tools, product information, design ideas, cost-estimating tools and management advice that enable full-service remodeling businesses to thrive. The site is run by a company called Hanley Wood. For nearly 40 years Hanley Wood has provided indispensable news, analysis and information for the residential and commercial design and the construction industry.



2015 is coming quickly. Are you in need of new windows? Which windows will you pick? Which brand? How about which style? Are you going to install them? So many decisions to make, and who knows all about these issues? Window Nation, that’s who. There is only one choice for a smooth, professional and budget-friendly window supplier and installer, Window Nation. Why Window Nation? Here are some of the reasons why so many choose us!


Here at Window Nation, we have one of the most extensive warranties in the business. Covering products, service and installation, we leave no step out. We have replaced over 150,000 windows in the DC Metro area so we know all the facets of window installation. From our measuring, product knowledge, quote, installation and clean up, we are experts at it all. Ask one of our professionals about our extensive warranty details today!


With choices from 14 of the nation’s largest window manufacturer’s, there is a window to fit every need and budget. Our replacement vinyl windows are custom made to your specifications, ensuring a perfect fit every time! With all the colors of the rainbow and more, you can keep your color scheme or upgrade to a new one. We are an Energy Star partner, meaning we can help you to choose the most energy efficient product for your needs.

Outstanding installation and service

We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau in Ohio, Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. We are also members of Angie’s List, NARI and Guild Quality. That said, 94% of our customers that competed our post installation survey said that they were “very satisfied”. That says it all. Our factory trained licensed professional installers guarantee perfect craftsmanship of your installation. Even with an average of 16 years of experience, our crew leaders are getting over 20 hours of new training per year. If your home is pre 1978 and has lead issues, we are a certified EPA lead renovator. Do not mess around with lead. It can be harmful on many levels. We have been specially trained to do this for you.

Choosing Window Nation in 2015 for your window installation is the first step to a successful home improvement project. With lots of different choices for home improvement providers, the choice can be tough. Go with the easy answer. Window Nation is the natural choice for all your window needs.

For more information on replacement windows, doors and siding from the team at Window Nation, contact us today! 

When you decide to install new energy efficient windows in your home, the decisions don’t stop there! Along with making the choice to change out the old windows in your home for new Energy Star rated windows, you need to choose the style, the color, the material as well as the glass options for your new windows. All of these options are important, but we’d like to discuss the different glass options you can choose to make your new windows as energy efficient as possible. Here are just a few of the energy efficient glass options you can choose for your home from the window installers at Window Nation.

Extreme Low-E- These windows are our most popular glass option, combining value and energy efficiency with UV protection. These windows feature double pane insulated glass with 2 Low-E silver oxide coatings to increase comfort inside your home year round. These windows block 80% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Click here for more information on this energy efficient glass option. 

Ultra Triple Pane- These windows feature insulating glass with 2 Low-E silver oxide coatings on 2 panes of glass plus a third pane of Low-E glass to maximize comfort throughout the year. These windows block 90% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Click here for more information on this energy efficient glass option.

Ultimate Triple Pane- This triple pane glass system provides excellent thermal performance and holds extremely high ratings for energy efficiency in all areas of the country. It features insulating glass with 2 Low-E silver oxide coatings on 2 panes of glass plus a third pane of Low-E glass to maximize comfort year round. It blocks up to 97% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Click here for more information on this energy efficient glass option. 

As you can see, replacing windows in your home with more energy efficient window options including energy efficient glass can save you money on your heating and cooling bills and better protect your belongings from the sun’s harmful rays. Along with these glass options, we offer glass coatings to further improve the insulation and energy efficiency of our windows.

For more information on the energy efficient windows and glass options available, contact Window Nation today. One of our sales representatives will be happy to discuss your options and make your new replacement window dream a reality! Our service area includes Maryland, D.C., Northern Virginia and Ohio.

If you’re over the chill of winter and ready to open those windows and let the spring breeze flow through your home, you’re not alone! But, we hear often from homeowners that their old windows did not take the winter well, and when they try to open them up in the spring, well, there are a few kinks. Winters in Ohio and even further south (Maryland, DC, Virginia and the Carolinas) can really take a toll on the condition of your windows. If you find any of the following situations to be true, it may be time to consider investing in energy-efficient replacement windows from Window Nation.

  1. It’s hard to open your windows. They seem stuck and do not slide up and down easily.

  2. You can see through the sides of the windows because the window itself is not properly lined up with the frame.

  3. Mold or mildew is forming around the window, and there is visible moisture/condensation.

  4. When it’s cold outside, your windows are cold to the touch. That means your expensive heating is slipping right out of those old windows.

Windows that are even ten years old are going to have nowhere near the same benefits or same level of energy-efficiency as windows that are made today. Window technology has come so far, that now is the perfect time to invest in replacement windows before summer comes, and before winter arrives again.

Not only will new windows add a fresh and stylish look to your home, but your home’s value may increase as well. And your new windows will even pay for themselves over time, as you’ll be saving money on your home’s heating and cooling costs. (Even small gaps in the window frame or single paned glass are enough to cause your expensive heating and air conditioning to literally go “out the window.”) But with Window Nation’s quality materials and installation, you can trust that your new windows will last for years to come. We also offer the most comprehensive limited lifetime warranty* in the industry.

So, don’t worry if your windows are stuck, worn or show signs of mold and mildew; we’re here to help, and to make the process of replacing your windows effortless. Contact Window Nation for get more information on replacement windows in Cleveland, Ohio; Washington, D.C.; Maryland, Northern Virginia and the Carolinas. Enjoy keeping your air conditioning INSIDE during Spring this year.

*Limited lifetime warranty will vary by manufacturer and may provide exclusions. Window Nation carries window models from several manufacturers and all warranties are available upon request

You may not know this but when it comes to the installation of your new windows, Window Nation ensures that only the highest quality materials are used. We have talked before about how our long-lasting, energy efficient replacement windows save on heating and cooling costs because they are designed to prevent heat from escaping in the winter and also keep in the cool air during the summer. But even the materials we use such as caulking and sealants have been selected by our dedicated team after much research to ensure that the products will support the replacement windows we install.

The use of superior materials is what helps the windows withstand even the most severe weather. Correct installation is of the utmost importance to ensure that your windows fit with a tight seal. To assist in this process, here are some of the materials that we may use for your next window installation:

WINTeQ Low Expansion Foam – Stops air and moisture from getting inside and prevents the loss of heat or air conditioning depending on the time of the year.

OSI® QUAD® Window, Door And Siding Sealant – Stays flexible so there is no cracking or splitting even in the most severe weather conditions.

OSI® H2U Window, Door And Siding Urethane Acrylic Sealant – Helps to prevent the growth of mold and mildew on the surface and is easy to clean and paint over.

Quality Edge No-Mar Coil Systems – Custom trim components that will look fresh and last longer.

If you would like to learn more about the high quality materials used at Window Nation, please contact the window replacement professionals today!

Contact us today or stop by one of our showrooms to learn more. Our showroom locations are in Baltimore, MD; D.C. Metro; Cleveland, OH; and Charlotte, NC.