The Black Window Frame Trend Is Here To Stay

 If you are thinking of black windows for your home window replacement project and you’re worried that you may have missed the moment, take a deep breath. Black Window frames are here to stay. The chatter in the design community is still going strong, with everyone from Studio McGee to Plank and Plow giving this chic look an enthusiastic two thumbs up.

The black window frame trend never went away. 

 Some trends seem to come out of nowhere, and some trends are reminders of a look that never went away. Take subway tile, for instance — is it fair to even call it a trend? This is a look that the design community all seemed to collectively remember about ten years ago, and it’s still going strong.   

 Black window frames have been around for a long time — fascinatingly, they were a mainstay in nineteenth-century factories. Back then the mullions (the vertical pieces that separate the panes of glass) were made of steel. In the 1940s, engineers figured out how to make windows more inexpensively out of energy-efficient vinyl and aluminum, and black steel windows became the more upscale choice.  

 More recently, black steel windows have become the darlings of modern architects who still love to use them for art galleries and high-end custom builds.  

 But what does this mean for you? For the discerning homeowner, black window frames evoke a timeless, classy look. And now you can have your cake and eat it too — energy-efficient vinyl replacement windows with gorgeous black mullions are both a statement piece and a way to save money on your heating bills. 

Black window frames make decorating easy 

 Black window frames have been around long enough to make their appearance in several different styles of architecture. They play equally well with traditional architecture and more contemporary looks. Recently, designers like Chip and Joanna Gaines have made black windows a popular feature in the modern farmhouse aesthetic.  

 When white is the main neutral in a design, a little touch of black sets things off. The high contrast look makes a dramatic statement all on its own — and doesn’t require fussy window treatments. If you’re concerned about privacy, a simple roman shade is all you need.  

 If you want a little assistance imagining this look in your space, try the Window Nation home improvement visualizer. This convenient tool can help you visualize how this look will work with your decorating style.  

Frame your views and boost your curb appeal 

 Black windows act like a picture frame, showcasing the gorgeous panorama of your city view or backyard. There’s been a big push in recent years to “bring the outside in”. The uptick in interest for black windows is an extension of this desire to enjoy nature year round. If it’s too cold to venture out, gaze out your black window frames and enjoy the view.

From the inside out to the outside in, black windows will boost your home’s curb appeal.  If you’re lucky enough to have a brick or stone exterior, black windows set them off extraordinarily well. And down the line, when selling your home, that curb appeal will positively impact your selling price. An investment in home window replacement is one that pays off in both higher home sale prices, and lower monthly energy bills.

Window Nation can walk you through the whole process. We’ve worked with all different styles of architecture, and have been in the business long enough to know which trends will stick and which to sit out. Contact Window Nation today to get a free quote, and transform your home into a chic oasis that will get your friends talking.


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