Window Nation offers various add-ons so you can get the most out of your investment in replacement windows and doors. From flexible screens to energy efficient glass, you can customize your replacement windows to your particular needs and preferences. Read on to find products that are just right for your home.
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Tired of scratched paint, broken hardware, and worst of all, bent aluminum? FlexScreen* offers a unique PVC-coated, high-performance spring steel frame that won’t scratch, bend or break, no matter the conditions. Simply hold the screen, bend in the sides and slide FlexScreen into the screen track. No attachment hardware needed! It really is that easy.

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*FlexScreen is only available on double hung windows, Georgetown and Barrington models excluded


At Window Nation we stay ahead of advances in window technology and glass coatings so that our customers can get the best options no matter where they live. We are excited to offer Neat glass with our replacement windows.
What is neat glass?
Neat Glass is the best naturally clean glass. It harnesses the sun’s UV rays to loosen dirt so water can rinse it away leaving your windows virtually spotless. The sun and rain helps keep your windows cleaner longer!
  • Neat glass is very low maintenance and super easy to clean.
  • Your windows will stay cleaner longer as the rain and sunshine do a lot of the work.
  • Enjoy the beautiful views around your home with ease.
  • When Neat is applied to LoE coated glazings, you enjoy cooler summers and warmer
  • winters with an average of 25% energy savings annually.
You can watch a quick demonstration of this amazing glass system here.
Decomposes Dirt: Neat Glass is fabricated with a layer of titanium dioxide that is baked onto the glass so it doesn’t need to be re-applied. Ultra Violet rays from the sun activates this unique coating and causes a chemical reaction that decomposes organic materials such as common dust, bird droppings, resins, or fingerprints that are on the glass. When it rains, the decomposed dirt is easily rinsed off the glass leaving your window cleaner, longer.
Exceptionally Smooth Glass: A thin layer of silicon dioxide makes Neat Glass ultra smooth compared to normal glass. This means that instead of the usual beading of water that occurs on normal glass, water disperses evenly or “sheets off” and evaporates quickly on Neat Glass. This feature greatly reduces water spotting which causes ordinary glass to look dirty faster.


Join over 65,000 homeowners and treat your home to superior quality products with every replacement window. Customize your project with a variety of add-ons to suit your specific needs. Get started by scheduling your free estimate today! Watch an amazing quick demonstration of this glass system.


TripleSilverLoE® glass is the ultimate performance glass for energy efficiency no matter where you live. Low-e glass is a window pane coated in microscopic layers of metallic oxides. This coating helps keep your house warmer in the winter by reflecting the heat from your heating system back into your home - it essentially traps the heat in the building. In the summer, it makes your home cooler by allowing less radiant heat to enter your home and thus help to reduce AC costs.

TripleSilverLoE® has 3 layers of silver that provides the highest levels of comfort and energy savings in every season, so it’s perfectly suited to your home in any part of the country. This glass type is better than triple pane glass and lowers the solar heat gain of windows considerably.

When you choose TripleSilverLoE® for your replacement windows at Window Nation, you get Neat Glass absolutely free! You enjoy the superb energy efficiency of the TripleSilverLoE® glass along with the easy and efficient maintenance of Neat Glass.