Your Top Guide to Choosing Replacement Windows

You can become overwhelmed by the process of choosing replacement windows. It’s a big decision that can affect your home for decades.

Not sure where to start? Try prioritizing the features you need. To help you, we’re going to list seven factors to consider when choosing replacement windows. We’ll also compare leading window companies.


You’ll never regret choosing quality windows over lesser items. Some companies may focus only on price and might try to attract you with various bargains and discounts. You might save money in the short term but cheaply made windows likely will need to be replaced more frequently.

The best installers refuse to carry inferior products. They’d rather supply customers with only high-quality windows from better manufacturers.

For example, here are a few of the brands Window Nation prefers to offer:

  • Bainbridge Plus Windows
  • Barrington Windows
  • Elements Windows
  • Imperial LS Windows
  • Magnum Windows
  • Vytex Windows
  • Envision Premium Window System

Energy efficiency

Energy-efficient windows make it less expensive to cool and heat your home. In the summer, the windows can block much of the outside heat from entering. In the winter, they can help keep out the cold. That means you’re less likely to feel uncomfortable drafts when seated near windows.

Energy efficiency gives you two potential ways to save money. First, your monthly utility bills should drop. There’s also the chance of benefiting from available tax credits for using energy-friendly building products.

Some homeowners have benefitted from energy-efficient windows when selling their homes. Sometimes the windows are a selling point for new buyers, knowing that they could benefit from the upgrade for years to come. Homeowners concerned about the environment also like replacement windows. They appreciate using less fuel to keep their home comfortable.

Sound reduction

The modern world surrounds us with constant noise. Escaping that noise can be difficult with ordinary windows. If you need a more peaceful home life, consider windows built to reduce unwanted sounds.

Double- and triple-pane windows help block unwanted noise. They use glass panes of varying thickness to increase the range of sounds they reduce. Argon gas is between the panes, which further deadens sound transmission.

Function and style

Some installers may not carry the type of window you need to replace. So, they may suggest you switch to something they have in stock.

Imagine you want to replace your large picture window, but the installer specializes in double-hung windows. The company may pressure you to remodel to accommodate them.

But you should choose the kind of window that suits your style and needs. So, preserve the look of your home by choosing a versatile window company. Find one that can install your preferred style of window.


Your home likely isn’t identical to the one across the street and neither are your windows. If you have unique windows, you’re going to need an installer who handles customization.

It can be challenging to find replacement windows for lofts, attics, and basements. Suppliers and installers do exist but be sure they offer customization to give you an exact fit.

Window Nation offers customization for a variety of shapes. For example, there are circular and semi-circle windows. There are also triangle and hexagonal windows available.


You want durability regardless of the window frame material you choose. The most common materials are traditional wood, vinyl, or fiberglass.

Manufactured materials, like vinyl, are weather resistant. But wood can also be durable. It receives special treatment to make it resistant to termite damage and moisture.

Installation skill and materials

There’s more to successful window replacement than a quality window. There’s the level of expertise needed to install the window. An expensive window poorly installed will never live up to your expectations.

Qualified installers should have proper certification. For example, each Window Nation crew includes a certified installer.

Many homeowners make a mistake trying to save money by hiring a general contractor. General contractors may have installation experience, but not as much as someone who has installed windows every day for decades. A general contractor may rarely encounter installation challenges. On the other hand, window specialists deal with a variety of situations daily.

Specialized installers are also more likely to stay up to date than general contractors. They know that installation materials and techniques can become obsolete. Installation experts will verify that the installation materials, such as the caulking and sealant, match the project. They’re aware that using the wrong materials could void a window’s warranty.

Comparing replacement window companies 

You probably don’t have to look far to find a window installer. But how do you choose a reliable company?

We believe Window Nation compares well against any well-known replacement window company. Let’s see what separates us from our competitors:

Feature Window Nation Comparable Local Competitors Why is this important?
Product Range Wood, vinyl; wide variety of styles May focus on in-house brand, specific materials, or primarily offer vinyl A diverse product range ensures that customers can find the perfect windows to match their aesthetic preferences and functional needs.
Brands Offered Multiple top brands Often limited to in-house brands or fewer options Access to multiple top brands means customers can choose from the best in the market, leading to higher satisfaction and quality.
Warranty Lifetime Plus guarantee (protection as long as you own your home + 15 years after selling) Range from limited lifetime warranties to specific term warranties, with varying conditions on transferability and coverage limits A comprehensive warranty offers peace of mind, ensuring long-term savings on potential repairs and replacements.
Special Certifications Certified contractor for top brands; awards for customer service May not offer certified installations or have limited awards Certifications and awards indicate a higher level of expertise and a commitment to customer satisfaction, translating to better service and installation quality.
Focus High-quality installations and customer service May prioritize manufacturing their own window products or offer standard installations A focus on quality installations and service ensures that customers receive a premium experience, from selection through installation.


Why does it matter that a home window replacement contractor is near me?

A nearby contractor will be aware of state and local building codes. This makes it easier for an installation to conform to the law. A local installer will also have a solid understanding of which window material best meets the demands of the area’s summer and winter weather extremes.

How much better do replacement windows help with heating, ventilation, and air conditioning?

Your utility savings could be significant when you replace your windows. Switching to Energy Star-certified windows could mean nearly doubling your energy efficiency. Your results may vary. But that could still translate into saving money on heating and cooling costs. There are also energy-efficient technologies available in bathroom and basement vent windows. When your vent window is closed, you can be sure of a tight seal, keeping the heat or cold outside.

Which replacement window types last the longest?

Fiberglass and vinyl windows can last for decades. That allows them to carry long-term warranties. Their durable material makes them resistant to fading, chipping, and insects.

Are guarantees transferable?

Not all companies offer transferable guarantees. But Window Nation extends its lifetime guarantee to the new owner when you sell your home. The protection for the new owner covers parts and materials for 15 years.

How do I find out what model window I have?

Most windows have labels that include the model, serial number, and other details. If you don’t see these labels, you could check your receipt from when you ordered your replacement windows.

What do people say about Window Nation?

Customers have posted messages commending both the company’s salespeople and installers. They referred to Window Nation’s staff as friendly and knowledgeable. The installers impressed customers as punctual, professional, and courteous.

Choose quality windows and installation that will last for years. Join the thousands of satisfied homeowners who use Window Nation. See our current offers, and schedule a free, no-obligation in-home consultation.

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