Home Window Replacement Models to consider in 2024 for Seattle Washington

Seattle residents know all the popular troupes about the city. Anyone who’s been there for more than a weekend knows that the city is so much more than the Space Needle, grunge music, and that coffee chain with the green logo.

There’s so much more to living in the Seattle area – including things like cream cheese on hot dogs – not least of which is living with Seattle’s famous weather every day.

So while it’s uncommon for Seattle residents to protect themselves with an umbrella, the same can’t be said for your home – especially the windows. Between all the trademark rain, the ice in the winter, and the winds blowing into Puget Sound, the windows in your Seattle home take a frequent punishing all year long.

If the windows in your Seattle-area home are original to your home, or were installed by your builder, it might be time to consider replacing them. Here are a few top replacement window models which might be a perfect fit for your home in Seattle Washington.

Why replace your windows?

Do you notice cold drafts coming from around the cracks and crevices of your windows? Or coming from the trim around your windows? How about drops of water inside your windows, or discoloration on the window frames? If you’re annoyed by these symptoms on a regular basis, then replacement windows are the solution.

A large percentage of homes in Seattle are older homes, often with original wooden-framed windows containing singles panes of glass. The problem with this is that as the windows age, the constant high-humidity of the Seattle area affects and warps those wooden frames. The result is that the panes of glass don’t fit tight – which causes drafts that make your house colder than it needs to be. Additionally, because the windows don’t seal well, water from rain and ice can seep in causing potentially unhealthy conditions in your home. And if that’s happening, your windows are probably not opening – or closing – easily or safely.

With modern replacement windows, they’re built to close tolerances and made from weather-resistant materials. When they’re measured correctly, built correctly, and installed correctly, they’ll work perfectly for years – and give you peace of mind knowing your concerns are taken care of.

Who makes quality windows in Seattle?

When you live in a climate like Seattle, it’s important that a window manufacturer understands the proper way to build quality windows for your home. That’s why we at Window Nation have partnered with Milgard.

Milgard has been building windows in Tacoma for over 65 years, so they understand the specific needs of homeowners like you living in Washington State.

The best part of this partnership is that customers like you can get windows from a local business you can trust to build your windows. When you get them through Window Nation, you’ll save money with our exclusive discounts and financing offers. Our local installation teams will make sure the installation in your home is easy, timely and professional.

After all, quality windows, affordability, and supporting local workers is important to you – and it’s important to us, too.

What style of windows do I need?

Modern replacement windows are so much more than just a piece of glass in your home. Engineered with durability, weather insulation, and ease-of-use in mind, contemporary windows offer a lot of advantages that go along way toward remedying the problems you’re likely having with your old windows.

The majority of houses in and around Seattle typically use single-hung, double-hung, sliding windows, and even larger bay windows. What do these terms mean, and do you need them? Here’s a quick rundown.

  • Single-hung windows – the most basic of windows, built with a single, fixed pane of glass and frame (called a “sash”) at the top, and one at the bottom that can be opened and closed.
  • Double-hung windows – the most popular type of replacement windows, and ore constructed with both sashes able to slide open for ventilation. Additionally, consumers prefer these windows because with their easy fold-in window design, cleaning the windows is a snap.
  • Sliding windows – these windows function in much the same was as single- or double-hung windows, but are positioned horizontally. The decision to have these in your home was usually made by the original builder or architect for aesthetic purposes. However, when it comes to keeping in your heat (and keeping out the cold weather), slider windows are the most energy efficient.
  • Bay windows – typically found in the front of a house, bay windows consist of several panes of glass that are fitted to create a geometric shape to increase the amount of light entering the room as well as for decorative reasons.

Which windows are best for the Seattle area?

Tacoma-based Milgard Windows not only makes some of the best windows in the greater Seattle area, but some of the best-quality windows in the industry. So, which of their windows are the best fit for homes like yours? For Seattle-friendly features and benefits, these three Milgard windows are top choices.

  • V300 Trinsic – Rainier
    • Vinyl Frame – built with a unique vinyl formula, enjoy low-maintenance, high-performance vinyl with long-lasting comfort
    • Smartouch Innovation – it’s the easiest way to lock and unlock windows, allowing you to open or close them in one smooth, single motion
      Frame Depth – custom made to your home’s specifications including a 2 7/8” jamb depth, which is perfect for installing 2” wide blinds
    • Energy-Efficient – these windows adhere to ENERGY STAR® v7 requirements for energy performance, so you’ll see savings in your heating and cooling costs
    • Full Lifetime Warranty – You’re covered for as long as your own your home with our industry-leading Full Lifetime Warranty that includes Glass Breakage coverage
  • V400 Tuscany – Olympic
    • Vinyl Frame – built with a unique vinyl formula for low-maintenance frames that will stand up to Seattle’s weather
    • Smartouch Innovation – Milgard’s innovate locking system makes it easy for you to lock and unlock windows, in one smooth, single motion
    • Timeless Style – thanks to its frame shape and equal sightlines, the Olympic V400 offers the timeless and elegant look of traditional wood windows
    • Energy-Efficient – all V400 windows adhere to ENERGY STAR® v7 requirements, making them some of the most energy-efficient you can get
    • Full Lifetime Warranty – built to such a high standard that they include an industry-leading Full Lifetime Warranty that includes Glass Breakage coverage for as long as you own your home

When it comes to engineering quality windows, when you buy Milgard windows from Window Nation, you can feel confident that the products can meet ENERGY STAR® standards where they are sold. Plus, their warm-edge spacers help to let less of the outside temps into your home, improve argon gas retention between the panes of glass, and increase condensation resistance. Additionally, Low-Ecoatings help reflect the sunlight away from your home maintaining interior temperatures.

How are replacement windows installed?

Once you order your windows, installation by Window Nation is easy. You may be surprised to learn that replacement windows can be done any time of year. The whole installation process typically takes a day or less. Because your windows were built to exact tolerances, they get installed with additional sealant and insulation to ensure a perfect fit with no leaks.

What are the next steps?

It’s easy – simply schedule an appointment with a Window Nation consultant. In no time, they can help you determine which replacement windows are best for your house and budget. It really is just that simple.

Frequently asked questions

Are there specific windows I should buy for my home in the Seattle area?
While you can get over 1,500 different window combinations from Window Nation, the Milgard V300 Trinsic – Ranier and V400 Tuscany – Olympic windows are recommended because they are well-suited for Seattle’s weather.

Can replacement windows be installed anytime?
Yes! Installation can be done any time of year – even during the winter months – and can be usually done in a day or less.

Does Window Nation support environmental sustainability?
Absolutely! Our green responsibility policy and initiatives have always been an important part of our business – and of our partners.

What should I look for when considering windows in Seattle?
Because of Seattle’s unique weather, it’s important that your home has windows that will keep in the heat in winter, block excess moisture from seeping into the walls of your home and stand up to the winds coming across Puget Sound.

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