5 Reasons Wood Windows Are Different At Window Nation

Energy efficient replacement wood windows 5 Reasons Wood Windows Are Different At Window Nation

When you think of wood windows, do you think of old, inefficient wood windows that won’t stand the test of time? While there are wood windows that lack the insulation capacity of vinyl windows, Window Nation offers elegant wood windows that meet stringent energy efficiency requirements and are built to last. Here are 5 reasons why wood windows are different at Window Nation:

1. Our Wood Windows Meet Energy Star Criteria

At Window Nation, we use the WoodStar Premium Wood System, which meets Energy Star requirements. Our double hung windows have a U-factor of 0.27, a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.24, and an air leakage of 0.3 or less.

2. Our Wood Windows Won’t Rot

The sash and frame are cured using a water-repellent material designed to enhance durability and performance. This special coating protects the wood from rot, mold, mildew, warping, and splitting.

3.  Our Windows Insulate

Our WoodStar windows come in 1/4″ increments, so they can be sized to fit your home exactly. The windows also contain rigid weatherstripping on all sides to further ensure a tight fit. The weatherstripping includes a Polypropylene stiffener, which prevents the material from warping or shrinking over time. The tighter the fit on your replacement windows, the less chance of air leaks developing.

WoodStar windows offer two panes of Low-E coated glass, with a layer of argon gas and stainless steel spacers between the panes. The Low-E coating reflects solar heat back into the atmosphere, keeping your home cool in the summer. The layer of argon gas reduces heat transfer through the window, so you won’t lose home heating energy when warm air seeps out through the glass. The total glass system meets the strictest Energy Star requirements, so you can rely on our windows to insulate your home and lower your energy bills.

4. Our Wood Windows Look Attractive, But Performance Is Not Sacrificed

These windows are constructed from Ponderosa pine, which offers durability, natural beauty, and strong performance. From the 45-degree glazing bead to the overlapping grid lines and sleek recessed hardware, these windows recall the elegance of old wooden windows but vastly improve on the performance of older wood windows. If you have a historic home, you can match the look of your current wood windows while getting modern insulation.

For exterior styles, there’s a choice of five colors of aluminum cladding or natural wood (which can be painted after installation). Cladding is a secure, maintenance-free option that keeps your windows looking great for decades to come. The inside of the frame can be painted white or left natural – it’s your choice.

When you select WoodStar windows from Window Nation, you’ll get the performance you seek from replacement windows while retaining the charm and character of wood windows.

5. Our Wood Windows Are Easy To Clean

If you have bad memories of cleaning old wood windows, you’ll love the convenience of our tilt-in windows. Just like our modern double-hung vinyl windows, these tilt in for easy cleaning.

Get a Free Quote for Wood Windows

With any style of replacement window, it’s important to hire a professional window installation company to fit your new windows. At Window Nation, we will help you find the right style of wood windows to meet your needs, while staying within budget, and then provide a quick and professional installation. To get a free quote for wood window installation, please contact us.



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