Are Grid Windows Right For You?

Buying new windows is a complicated matter, and no choice demonstrates this like the choice of whether or not to go with grid windows. This is a choice that is deeply connected to aesthetics and functionality. Here are some reasons people choose grid windows.

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  • Aesthetics. If you own a colonial style home, you may be aware that grid windows are considered to be part of the colonial aesthetic. In fact, some people feel that it isn’t a colonial if it doesn’t have grid windows. If keeping with the traditional aesthetic of your home is important to you, then grid windows are definitely the way to go.

  • Hard to clean. In the past, some homeowners have moved away from grid windows because they can be hard to clean. At Window Nation, we put the grid “inside” solid glass panes, sohome with grid windows you don’t have to clean around all those tiny panes of glass in each grid. You simply wipe down the exterior glass, and you’re done. If you get a double hung window with a grid pattern, you’ll also have features that allow for easy cleaning of the outside of your window as well. No climbing ladders to get your second and third story windows clean. On top of all this, a solid pane of glass on the inside and outside means you’re going to have a better seal to keep the heat out in the summer and the heat in on those cold winter days.

  • View. While a grid pattern will definitely add beauty to your home, some prefer to go without the grid so they can have a better view of their yard. If you prefer visibility over aesthetics, we provide durable, energy efficient, and convenient double hung windows without the grid.

  • Light. Aesthetics come in many forms. Some homeowners choose grid windows because of the beautiful light pattern they provide to interior spaces. If you’re looking to add some elegant light and shadow patterns, grid windows are the perfect choice.

  • Diamonds. If your home is a Victorian, neo-Victorian, or Tudor style home, not only will you have to decide on grid or no grid, you may have to decide if you want a diamond pattern. Diamond patterns can add a decorative, European look to any home, but these styles almost demand it.

If you want a standard colonial grid, European diamond pattern, or distinctive brass, Window Nation has what you need to give your home the elegance of an Old World window, with all of the functionality and energy efficiency of a modern window. Get signed up for your free, no-obligation, in-home estimate, and let’s get started today. Your new windows are waiting for you.

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