Are Your Windows And Doors Leaking Air?

Checking for Air Leaks in Your Windows and Doors

When you sit on your couch or at the dining room table, can you feel a cold draft? Ever wonder where that draft comes from? Seems like no matter how high you turn up the thermostat, it’s always there. Unwanted air exchange happens in many places in our homes. The most common culprits are leaky windows and doors. Here are a few ways to check your windows and doors for air leaks.

Inspect Cracks and Crevices

Look at your doors and windows. Are there cracks and crevices in them or their frames? Can you see daylight through these cracks? If so, then these are most certainly letting cold air in and warm air out.

Check Sash Locks

Check out your sash locks on double hung windows. These should be lining up and closing easily. If they are not lining up or locking securely than your sashes are not hanging correctly within their window frame. This is a common problem with wood windows that have warped. This is yet another way that air is moving freely in and out of your home. Moving curtains are a sure indication that air is sneaking in around your windows.

Inspect Door Bottoms

Your door bottoms should have weather stripping on them. This is a crucial part of a door's performance. It is often a piece of compression or brush weather stripping. This small piece of your door’s make up is the one area that is responsible for sealing tightly against the threshold. It keeps out rain, wind and snow. If your door bottom is damaged or missing, it will affect the overall performance of your door.

Check Door Sealing

If you must pull hard to force your door to completely shut, than either the door itself is warped, or the door frame is. Either way, you are not getting a flush seal around the door, thus allowing, yet again, cold air in and precious, warm air out.

Keeping your home warm takes a lot of steps. From maintaining your furnace and chimney to paying your fuel bill. One of those steps should be keeping an energy efficient house. Your windows and doors play a huge roll in this. You may be able to fix your leaky doors and windows with caulking or new weather stripping. Or, you could replace them with new windows and doors from Window Nation. Whatever your situation, contact the experts at Window Nation to help you determine what is or isn’t happening to all your precious heat!

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