Bay or Bow? Which Window Is Right For You?

It is no secret that a new bay window or bow window can make a drastic improvement to the interior and exterior of a home. These windows are beautiful on the inside and outside, and they add charm and character wherever they are installed. On the outside, they increase the curb appeal of your home, and on the inside, they create a showplace for plants or other accents. But which is right for you? Here's what you need to know to make the decision.  

What’s The Difference Between Bay and Bow Windows?


Bay Windows

These windows are typically made up of three windows of varying sizes. Normally, there is a large center window that is flanked by two smaller windows. The two smaller windows are actually called flankers and are angled from the wall at a 30 or 40-degree angle; they are usually double hung to give adequate ventilation. The center window gives a large and unobstructed view and can be opened to add additional ventilation to your room  

Bow Windows

These windows can be made up of 3 to 6 windows. The windows are the same size and this allows for the design of the space to have a gradually curved look. This window design may not allow for as much of an unobstructed view as bay windows offer but can often be opened in several different places to allow for ventilation. Since bow windows have more glass panes than bay windows, they often allow more light into your space.  

Other Bay and Bow Window Factors to Consider



The main difference between bays and bows are how many windows you're going to have. Bays come with three windows: One picture window, and two double hung, casement, or fixed light windows. Bow windows have more than three windows and give the shape of a bow to the exterior. Because bow windows have more windows, they are generally more expensive. This is the first decision you'll have to make when choosing which is best for your home.  

Interior Lighting

Both of these windows are going to bring more light into your home than a flat window, but bow windows offer more angles for light to enter. If your primary goal is to bring light into an interior space, bows are a slightly better choice.  


Both of these windows are going to create an interior space that can be used as shelf space for plants and decorations, or as a sitting area. But, bay windows are going to offer more room in their basic configuration than bow windows. This can change, however, when more windows are added to a bow.  

Air Flow

Bow windows create a gentle flow that allows air to move freely along these windows. This allows air to circulate better in a room with a bow. But, some enjoy the stillness found in a cozy bay window spot. Which is right for you will depend on your preference. No matter what you decide, you can trust Window Nation to give you a wide selection of high-quality options to make that new window purchase fit perfectly into your budget. We have low-cost, high-quality vinyl windows that will give you all the beauty and amenities you're looking for, with a gentler hit to your wallet. Or, you can choose elegant, handcrafted wood seat boards and trim to make those new windows really stand out. Either way, you'll get the highest quality of craftsmanship, one of the most comprehensive guarantees in the industry, and a certified installer with the education to do the job right. Request a FREE estimate and get started right now. Getting a new bay or bow window for your home is one of the best decisions you'll ever make.

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