Easy To Clean Windows

Clean and sparkly windows, what a treat! Traditionally to get your windows this way has been a lot of work. So much so that it’s usually only done one or two times a year. Some people choose to pay professional window cleaners to come in and clean them and they can charge anywhere from $25 per hour on up to $100+ per hour. Some even charge per window, no matter how clean or dirty they are when they start.

Getting and keeping your windows clean is a big job. But, did you know that it doesn’t have to be? Most of today’s large window manufacturers take ‘ease of cleaning’ into consideration when they design their windows. Here at Window Nation, we have some of this nation’s leading window manufacturers under one roof and each model has its own easy to clean aspects which helps to make our vinyl replacement windows the perfect choice for any home.

Types of Easy-to-Clean Windows

Venting windows, sometimes referred to as casements, are typically rectangular in shape and the sash moves along the top and bottom rails of the window frame to open. These sashes are designed to move just enough to let in ample ventilation and allow easy cleaning of both sides of the glass.

Double hung windows are comprised of two sashes and they slide by each other to allow venting from the top and bottom of the window. Both of these sashes tilt in for easy cleaning. No more ladders needed!

Sliding windows are also made up of two sashes, the difference is that these sashes slide by each other horizontally. Our sliders come standard with lift out sashes for cleaning, which are removable from the safety of the inside of your home. We also offer swing and clean sliders. These models are designed to swing open like a door for cleaning. Both of these styles make cleaning your sliding windows an easy task.

As you can see, the windows we offer are definitely easy to clean. No more once a year cleaning. No more digging out or borrowing ladders that are scary and dangerous. No more garden hose cleanings with spots left all over your windows. No more deciding if paying a professional cleaner is worth it.

For more information about replacing windows in your home, give us a call or simply stop by a showroom closest to you!

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