Front Door Psychology: What The Color Means

Different Colors and Their Emotional Connotations

Different colors can convey different emotions. This is commonly used in advertising, business design and home painting choices. Painting your front door is a creative way to express a certain emotion to those who enter your home. Here is a list of color options to choose from and what they may convey about you and your home.

  • Red: will convey a welcoming message to your guests. It says that your home is exciting and vibrant inside.
  • Green: shows that your home is safe, tranquil, harmonious and healthy.
  • Blue: means your home is a sanctuary. Inside your home your guests will feel calm and relaxed. Light blue gives a more friendly feeling while dark blue is more looking for privacy.
  • Yellow: shows that you want to betray a home of mental clarity, understanding, wisdom, confidence and humor. This is a great color for a social butterfly.
  • Black: this door shows sophistication and strength. This bold door shows a presence of authority.
  • Brown: this colors meaning depends on its shade. A lighter brown shows warmth, reliability and stability. A darker brown will show isolation and privacy.

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