How Do I Know If It’s Time To Replace My Windows?

As much as we would like for it to be, it’s not always a clear-cut answer as to when is the best time to replace your windows. There are some general questions that you can ask to assess your existing windows and their current performance.

Are my windows energy efficient?

Many homes have older windows with single pane glass and while these windows have a traditional look and feel, they are not energy efficient. Window energy efficiency is measured with U-value and R-Value. R-Value is a measure of the resistance to heat flow through a certain material. This is only a measure of conduction, not air leakage or radiation heat transfer, which is really what we are concerned about with windows. U-Value is a better gauge to compare windows. U-value is a measure of heat transfer through a material. The lower the number indicates the less heat transferred through that material. For example a typical double pane window has a U value of 0.5. Per, single pane glass has a U factor of 1.22 while double pane’s U-factor is .70. Considering glass makes up about 90% of your windows, glass really does matter.

Is the structural integrity of my windows failing?

Is the outside weather coming inside due to issues with your windows? Snow and rain should stay outside. This is one of the major jobs of your windows. Windows can be made up of wood, fiberglass or vinyl and if their ability to stand against outside weather has been compromised due to aging or damaged wood, metal, vinyl or fiberglass then they are in need of attention. Some issues can be repaired with caulking or wood filler, while some can’t.

Are my windows easy to use and secure?

Properly functioning window hardware is crucial to the safety and ease of use in windows. Windows that do not move freely are not easy to use. They could be warped within the frame or the frame itself could have also moved within the wall. Either way, the window is not operating correctly and is not offering all that it should be to you for its ventilation purposes. Secure windows locks are extremely important. Not just to keep unwanted visitors out, but to maintain a safe environment for people within your home. As a homeowner you have enough to worry about without having to be concerned whether a person or child is going to find themselves in danger because of your faulty windows.

Are your windows difficult to clean?

For windows to be truly performing they must be clear and clean to look through. A huge part of having windows is the benefit of their beauty. Dirty windows make the windows themselves the focus, not the landscape that is beyond them. Today’s windows are standardly offered with easy to clean tilting features to help keep you focused on the view beyond the glass.

If it's time to replace your windows...

Knowing when you need to replace your windows is really a matter of answering these questions honestly, and having some input from an informed source in the window industry like the professionals here at Window Nation. For years we have been providing the people of Ohio with expert advice on replacement windows, doors and vinyl siding. There is nothing about windows and window replacement that we can’t help you with. We look forward to hearing from you about your windows. Contact us today for your free estimate!

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