How To Avoid Home Break-Ins

Coming home to discover that someone has been in your house is scary. The reality that your home, possessions and sense of security has been violated can really rock your world. We often rely on the police and security companies to keep us safe, but there are some things that you can do to help deter a potential burglar from choosing your house or from easily getting in.

Tips to Keep Your Home Secure

Here are some great tips to deter intruders:

  • Securely lock all doors. In the early 1980’s residential burglaries declined significantly. Burglars found it harder and harder to gain entrance into homes thanks to the newly invented dead bolt. The first patent for a dead bolt was issued in 1981. Dead bolts were installed in many residential homes throughout the 80’s. This added security feature made entrance doors much harder to force open. Putting a deadbolt on all entrance doors, including patio and french doors will greatly increase the security that these doors provide. People often overlook their patio doors. Both swinging and sliding doors can be fitted with a deadbolt. You can easily stop a sliding door from opening by placing a steel or wooden rod on the inside between the sliding panel and the door jamb. Be sure to double check that all entry door locks are engaged and secure before leaving your home. If your entry doors are unsafe and can’t be securely repaired, replace them. Here at Window Nation, we have replacement doors that are secure and easy to use. They are available in many styles and types.
  • Attention to detail and a well kept home and property may slow down a burglar. When your lawn and home is well maintained and groomed it shows that your are actively involved in your property and the security of your home. Adding a few security cameras, even if they aren’t real, will add to this effect.
  • Keep your trash private. If you purchase a new appliance, don’t just put the box out on the curb for trash pick up. If potential burglars see your new plasma tv or computer box they will know that you have some potential money making items in your home. Cut up boxes to a manageable size and place in a garbage bag, or leave them in the garage and take them to the recycle facility yourself.
  • Securely lock windows. Windows must have a secure locking mechanism to make opening them impossible. If you must leave your windows open for ventilation, then consider getting a security grate to cover the opening. Security grates will still allow some airflow, but is more secure than a window screen alone. If your window has an air conditioner in it, consider putting a stop on the window so that the top sash can not be opened further to allow entry. If you have sliding windows a small rod can be placed between the sliding panel and the window jamb to prevent opening. If your windows or window locks are not performing correctly consider replacing them with new, more secure and energy efficient replacement windows from Window Nation Maryland. Our windows have all the up to date security advancements available.
  • Don’t hide a house key outside your home. Give the key to a trusted neighbor or friend. In this age of the cell phone, its better to call someone to bring you the spare key, rather than leave one outside for anyone to find.

Security Matters: Prevent a Home Invasion

Home security is important. There are many options for professional security systems and private security services. Taking a few steps to help ensure your home’s privacy and security is important even if you utilize an outside source for security. Make a secure home a priority for you and your family.

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