How To Clean Windows With Newspapers

There isn't much that can add beauty and splendor to your home like sparkling clean windows can. Don't you just hate it when you think your windows are perfectly clean and, while you are sitting down for coffee and pastry with the girls from work, the sun comes around to shine in your sun room windows only to reveal bunches of messy streaks. It casts a shadow on the whole get-together and is just so embarrassing. Or, what about all of those fingerprints the kids left behind when they rushed to the window to watch the fire trucks scream by? If the light coming in is just right they are easy to miss, but once the sun shines in - they are all revealed. The truth is there are so many things that can taint the view through your windows, and with many cleaning products and paper towels, that streak-free shine is often elusive. So, what is a girl (or boy) to do? One of the most effective ways to remove streaks and leave windows sparkling clean is to use newspaper and vinegar. Yes, I said newspaper and vinegar.

Using Newspaper and Vinegar for Crystal Clean Windows

Let me explain how this works. You can find many great recipes for a vinegar solution to wash windows with. Some require just vinegar and water while others will tell you to use vinegar, water, and a mild soap. Either way, vinegar makes a great cleaner; and when paired with newspaper, the results are flawless. I know it seems like the ink from the newsprint would actually make windows dirtier, but that's not the case. The ink will act as an abrasive cleaner but won't scratch the glass! You do, however, need to be careful not to touch the vinyl surfaces around your windows with the wet newspaper because the ink can come off on that. Anyway, just spray the cleaner on your window and then wipe away with the newspaper using a combination of circular, horizontal, and vertical motions. Wipe until all the cleaner is dried from the window. Then put on your sunglasses to protect your eyes from all that radiant sunlight that will pour into your perfectly clean windows, and stand back and admire the shine.

Windows Difficult to Clean? It May Be Time For Replacement Windows

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