How To Dress Up Your Replacement Windows

You did it. You've replace all the old leaky windows in your house with new energy efficient replacement windows. They look great, now it’s time to consider how to ‘dress’ them. Are you going to hide too much if you use drapes? Maybe a blind or a shade would be a better fit for your decor? Or, should you change your interior to match the dressing style of your new windows? Either way, there are some aspects of window dressing to consider.


Are your replacement windows providing the majority of the lighting in your home, or room? If so choosing curtains or drapes may not be the right window treatment. That's because covering at least part of your windows will reduce the amount of natural lighting and will darken the room. In this case consider window dressings that are minimal enough so that they can be moved out of the way when not in use. Blinds and shades allow light to come in but also give you the option to block it should you choose. They come in many different styles and textures. If lighting isn't an issue you might consider curtains or drapes. These fabric options are great with or without blinds and shades. Utilizing fabric curtains also gives you another way to tie some color into your windows.

Window size

Often tall or large windows will only have window dressing half way up to ‘shorten’ their look. Where as smaller windows with narrow drapes can help create an illusion of a larger window. Bowed curtain rods give an elegant and classic look to any window. These unique rods add depth to any window setting. As shown here, they can even be used above a bed for a canopy over the headboard.

Desired level of privacy

Windows that are open into bathrooms, changing rooms or offices often need to offer a level of privacy as well as beauty. By utilizing a wood blind with or without curtains you can achieve both privacy and style. These versatile window dressings can also be rolled up out of the way to let the natural lighting in. Adding curtains of any style can double up the level of privacy when desired. Simple roller blinds also come in a variety of colors and privacy settings. These can be a less expensive and simple option for light blockage and privacy. And they won't alter the look of your attractive new windows.

Your newly installed replacement windows look great. Knowing how to complete them with the proper dressing for your application and style can seem a bit overwhelming. In this HGTV article, they offer a few tips on how to dress up your windows. Some of their ideas include:

  • Minimal dressing is the “in” thing now- less is best
  • Lighten up- Allow Natural light into your home
  • Pick Current Color- utilize modern colors in fabric and blinds
  • Consider Curved rods to offset the ‘straight’ lines in the rest of the home

Whether your home is classic English style with high windows and roman blinds or simple country with a few cafe rods and rolling shades, your choice on how to dress your windows has to fit your style, decor and life.

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