How To Inspect Your Windows For Leaks

Having air and water leaking through your window can be hazardous for the structure of your house. Seeing these leaks may seem obvious on a big scale but even the smallest leak can damage the window frame and start to create rot. It is also easier to fix a leak if you catch it in the early stages. Once you have determined there is a leak, you can call in a professional to help you establish the extent of the damage and set up a plan for repairs.
These small window leaks can let in cold air while you are trying to heat your house. They can let in moisture that will start to eat away at your window frame. Repairing the leak quickly and efficiently is the best choice. Even if it means a higher upfront cost for replacement windows. It will save you more in the long run. There are two ways that you can detect these leaks on your own. There is a home air pressure test you can do and a DIY energy audit. These tests can be performed by you. They are a simple way to detect a small leak and start working on a solution.

Air Pressure Test

Start by sealing up your home. Lock windows and doors. Close vents and dampers. Turn of any exhaust fans. Light a candle and bring it around your home to find where the drafts are coming from by watching which way the flame moves.

DIY Energy Audit

Check your windows to make sure they have a tight seal and do not rattle or shake. Make sure that the frame around your window and door is sealed as well. You should not be able to see through the frame. Inspect the window panes for any cracks, even the small ones. Make sure windows lock properly and slide smoothly.
After performing these checks around your home, set up a plan for action. Call a professional window installation company to help you make your windows leak free. Having a home with energy efficient windows is ideal for saving money. With today’s economy, every penny counts. Start saving money today, give Window Nation a call and set up an appointment to start making your home energy efficient.

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