Important Window Safety Tips

Making sure that you and your family are safe is one of Window Nation’s top priorities. Last month was Window Safety Week and because of this we want to help make sure that your current windows are safe for everyone living in your home. One of the major causes of window related injuries is from falling or not being able to use a window as an escape route when needed. Because of these dangers and others, the pros at Window Nation in Ohio want to offer you some information about window safety.

Window safety tips for keeping your family and children safe include:

  • Make sure that your homes’ windows are not painted or nailed shut. If you cannot easily open them they cannot be used as an escape in the case of an emergency.
  • Ensure that window air conditioning units are properly secured. Place them in windows where young children cannot reach them and where they are not blocking an escape route.
  • Especially when young children are present, make sure that all of your windows can safely and securely lock.
  • Do not place furniture underneath windows that children can easily climb on and gain access to the window on.
  • Teach your children that playing and rough housing around windows and sliding glass doors is not safe and could lead to them getting hurt.
  • If windows are open with screens, make sure they are not in the reach of children. Screens are not designed to hold the body weight of a person or child.
  • If your windows have guards or security bars on them make sure that the release mechanisms are working properly.

When inspecting your windows this spring, if you notice that your Cleveland windows are older and not as secure or as safe as they could be, the experts at Window Nation can help. We have a variety of replacement window options available to fit whatever need that your home and family may have. New fiberglass, wood, or manufactured vinyl windows will not only increase the safety of your home but also increase your homes’ energy efficiency, saving you money on cooling and heating costs in the future!

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