Is It True That April Showers Bring May Flowers?

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Have you heard this saying before: “April showers bring May flowers.”? You may remember it from your childhood, as most of us do. The saying traces back to the mid-1500’s. It actually is thought to have been said before that but was first recorded in a series of writings by Thomas Tusser. He pulled together a series of writings that he titled “A Hundred Good Points of Husbandry.” In Tusser’s collection he had a short poem that said:

“Sweet April showers
  Do bring May flowers”

So now we know the origin of the saying, but is it true? Do April showers bring May flowers? The short answer is yes! As winter draws to a close, the days begin to warm up and become longer. The precipitation that falls comes as rain instead of snow or ice. Thank goodness! April rains do start the seasonal process of renewal and growth. It washes nutrients deeper into the soil. There are more hours of sun and this triggers the genetic code within the plants and animals. This period of new growth and regrowth begins. This is an ecosystem designed to work together and it is amazing how each affects the other.

Spring brings an increase in activity in animals, birds and insects. The rain washes the earth from the top surface down and long dormant bulbs and perennials begin to come to life and grow and bloom.Trees get into the action by coming to life again. The warmer days and rain bring the nutrients needed to grow. Some trees flower first and then grow new leaves. While others grow new leaves first. Bushes come to life and flowers spring up and make their way through the ground to reach up to the sunshine.

In Virginia, this is a beautiful time of the year. Things are alive and various shades of green start coloring the landscape. It becomes easy to sit by the window and just daydream about warmer days and afternoons by the poolside or at the local pond. As the world is washed clean and coming to life, don’t miss out. Get into the act with your own spring cleaning. Start with your windows so you can enjoy the view. You may find it is time replacement windows. This is Window Nations area of expertise! We can install all kinds of windows from bows to bays and even the best energy efficient windows. If you would like a bay window to brighten up your home and provide you with a better view give Window Nation a call. Let mother nature perform its spring miracle while you enjoy the sights through your new window!

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