Living with the same old windows

Raise your hand if you have windows in your home. Now put your hand down if any of the following applies to you: Do your windows stick, making them hard to open and close? Do your windows slide freely, making them difficult to keep open without wedging something in there? Are your windows hard to latch? Are the frames breaking apart? Are the outsides of your windows dirty because it is just too difficult to get out the 20-foot ladder to climb up to clean them? When you’re standing by one of your windows in the winter, can you actually feel the cold air, even though the window is closed? If your hand is still up, that means none of these applied to you. If that is the case, you probably don’t need replacement windows; however, if your hand went down, it may be time to consider what life might be like with new windows. We’ll give you a hint: Life is better with new windows.
When windows don’t close or latch properly, that can be a security issue for your home. But, windows that are hard to close have another, more glaring drawback: They let heat out in the winter and heat in during the summer. The chances of a burglar breaking in are probably low. The chances of losing money in lost energy every year is guaranteed. Replacement windows with new, insulated frames seal properly and resist heat transfer. That means savings for you.
New windows have another way of saving you money on energy bills. They stop heat from going through the glass. With double and triple pane glass, infrared reflecting Low-E coating, and heat resisting gas in between each pane, those new windows will hold the heat in your house–and the money in your pocket.
For many homeowners the problem isn’t so much that windows don’t seal well or let the heat out; Accessibility is the issue. If you can’t clean your windows, how can you ever fully appreciate what’s beyond the glass? Let’s face it, getting the ladder out and climbing up three stories to clean your windows isn’t practical, and reaching under to clean the outside of the glass doesn’t get the job done. But, if your new replacement windows lift out of the sash or swing in, cleaning is a breeze.
New replacement windows save you money, are easier to maintain, keep you safer, and add beauty to your home. If you’d like to see how much better life is with new windows, start your journey today by scheduling a free in-home estimate. With over 150,000 windows replaced, and a comprehensive limited lifetime warranty, Window Nation is the right choice to help you make the switch.

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